Why Vinyl Siding is a Top-Tier Option for Your Home

Why Vinyl Siding Cary NC is a Top-Tier Option for Your Home

Dec 27, 2018
vinyl siding Cary NCChoosing siding for your home is just as important as windows or doors in terms of both looks and functionality. Great siding gives your home an attractive aesthetic, increased durability, and lower maintenance costs. For these reasons, Xterior LLC recommends vinyl siding Cary NC and all Triangle homeowners! Why does vinyl siding outperform other materials, and what are the benefits of quality vinyl siding services from Xterior LLC? We’ve got answers to the questions that thousands of homeowners ask.

Why Vinyl Siding is America’s Favorite

The National Association of Home Builders reports that vinyl is America’s most popular type of siding. To see why that is, we’ll look at how the competition stacks up:
  • Brick and Stone: These are both durable and classic options that look great, but they are often cost-prohibitive. They’re among the most expensive types of siding to install and maintain. And, it can get even more complicated if you need to install them over an existing wall.
  • Wood: Although beautiful, wood is maintenance-intensive and can be very costly in the long run. Water damage, rot, insects — the list goes on. If you’re going with wood, be prepared to make a substantial investment of time and money. Moreover, wood requires painting every few years, which adds more expense.
  • Stucco: This material is excellent for getting a bohemian, coastal vibe, but it’s less weather-resistant than others. Like the others on this list, it can also get expensive, particularly if you want a custom color.
  • Fiber Cement: Increasingly popular as a cost-effective siding, fiber cement is still more expensive than vinyl. It’s also less energy-efficient. Additionally, it requires installers to nail it on to the wall. That makes it less suitable for North Carolina’s variable temperatures, since it can’t expand and contract.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding Cary NC and Other Triangle Homeowners Love

Vinyl siding has the three aspects most homeowners prioritize: cost, durability, and looks. We love installing high-quality vinyl siding, because it provides the benefits we prize in all of our services:
  • Cost-Conscious: Foot-for-foot, vinyl siding is the most cost-effective siding material. If you’re working on a budget, vinyl is your best friend. Plus, with Xterior’s fast and flexible financing, it’s easier than ever to get great-looking siding you love.
  • Built to Last: Vinyl siding is the most weather- and water-resistant siding material available in its price range. It easily shrugs off moisture that can destroy wood siding. What’s more, it doesn’t require nailing to a wall. That means it can expand and contract as weather conditions change. In North Carolina, where the weather turns on a dime, that’s a huge benefit to the longevity of your siding.
  • Looking Good: We offer vinyl siding in a huge array of colors and styles. Our experts can match siding with windows, trim, and other home features. With the range of options available, vinyl siding is right at home everywhere from starter homes to luxury models.
Vinyl siding from Xterior LLC is a leading vinyl siding Cary NC option for homeowners all over the Triangle. Whether you need to add beautiful siding to your new home or upgrade your current one, Xterior has you covered. Our hundreds of satisfied customers can attest to our reputation for quality, safety, and transparency! As a certified, fully insured installer, we offer many benefits and financing options not available with many smaller companies. There is no need to wait to protect your home with new vinyl siding, since we offer payment plans with 0% interest and no-money-down terms. When you need quality siding, choose the siding contractors who are always on your side! We also offer a full range of exterior services including windows and roofing. Today, start with a free, detailed quote from Xterior. Call 919-887-8394 or contact us online.

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