Siding Contractors – Find a Qualified Vinyl Exterior Installer

As your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, you certainly want to keep it in prime condition. Generally, if the outside of your home looks shabby, the value and curb appeal of your home will be lower. And while wood siding gives your home a rustic look, it’s also prone to damage […]

Deck Builder – Where Can I Find a Trusted Contractor?

So many of us enjoy being outside. Whether we need a space for relaxing or outside entertaining, a deck adds some great outdoor room. Also, adding a deck onto your house will add value to your home and give you extra living space. However, designing your outdoor room can be very personal. That’s why you […]

Siding Contractors Near Me with Experience and Expertise

As you search for reliable siding contractors near me in NC, consider some important factors. After all, many variables go into choosing quality siding for your home. From finding a premier contractor to the most fitting siding for your house, Xterior LLC is the answer. What to Look for in Siding Contractors Near Me Foremost, […]

Metal Roofing – The Strongest and Last Roof You’ll Ever Buy

Although metal roofing has been around a long time, its cost has been prohibitively expensive. While Colonial America did use some metals for roofing, only the very wealthy could afford it. Typically, the average homeowner used wood shingles for roofing. Then, starting in the 1800s, roofers coated fabric with pine tar, then coal tar and […]

Vinyl Siding Contractors with Experience and Expertise

In the real estate industry, “curb appeal” is a familiar term. Generally, it refers to landscaping, windows and the overall appearance of a house upon first glance. Basically, it’s all the work and materials that go into making your home more attractive. Clearly, you have many options as you try to create great curb appeal […]

Metal Roofs Near Me that Protect Your Home and Family

Although the spelling changes slightly through languages, the pronunciation of roof has changed very little through the centuries. From Norse (hrof) to Middle Dutch (rouf), it still sounds pretty much the same on our English tongues. Likewise, the meaning remains steadfast as well. Specifically, roofing translates to “cover” or “highest point.” What does that have to do […]

A Metal Roof Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds to Protect Your Home

Officially, hurricane season starts June 1st and runs until November 30th. With the possibility of strong storms, brings the threat of winds that’ll damage our roofs. While unfortunately, you can’t prevent damaging storms, you can invest in a durable metal roof to protect your home. And when looking for contractors of metal roofing that residents of […]

Vinyl Siding Burlington NC – Installation with Premium Products

Over the years, writers with words better than ours have poetically equated their homes as their castles. Sanctuaries of sorts, where they enjoy the business and pleasures of life. Sometimes, the way our houses look on the outside doesn’t live up to what they feel like on the inside. To truly solidify the image of […]

Vinyl Siding Durham NC – Which is the Best Contractor to Hire?

The exterior of your home is looking shabby but you’re tired of repainting it every few years. Vinyl siding appeals to you with its maintenance-free characteristic. Plus, you’ve heard about some of the other great benefits like durability and added value to your home. Therefore, when you need a replacement to your current exterior siding, […]

Roofing Companies Raleigh – Find a Reliable, Local Company

“It was a dark and stormy night…” begins many a tale through the years. From its first use by Washington Irving to more playful prose by Snoopy, it hints at dramatic things to come. Fortunately, they’re just words used to set a scene. However, if your roof isn’t in proper shape, these words may bring a little […]