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Siding Contractors Near Me with Experience and Expertise

siding contractors near meAs you search for siding contractors near me in NC, you’re probably also trying to find the best siding possible. Generally, homeowners prefer siding that lasts and needs minimal work to keep it in premium shape. After all, few homeowners are fans of climbing ladders, sanding and scraping off paint. Then, the effort of repainting their entire home remains. With wooden siding, this becomes an annual or bi-annual event. If you have brick siding, there are necessary repairs as the siding ages and the mortar dries out. Maybe storms have damaged bricks or mold has formed in shady, damp areas.

Premium Vinyl Siding Advantages

If you’re not a fan of the above work and effort, installation of vinyl siding is likely your best choice. Ultimately, vinyl siding lasts the longest. Notably, it doesn’t rot like wood nor does it fade like aluminum siding. Better yet, vinyl siding at Xterior LLC is low gloss with a natural wood grain pattern. Therefore, if you prefer the look of wood, you can achieve that goal without the work it usually entails.

Speaking of work and effort, there is very little of that after installation of vinyl siding. In fact, you can simply rinse siding when dirty. Never, will you have to paint again. Plus, we provide all of our homeowners with a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty with ColorHold® lifetime fade protection. Consequently, you can trust that your vinyl siding will stay as colorful as the day you got it.

Moreover, installation of new siding increases the value of your home. Thus, it’s a wise investment if you ever wish to sell your house. Either way, it’s also an investment so that you enjoy your new siding as well! It’s a great feeling to know that your home is attractive and will remain that way for years to come. Curb appeal is important since neighbors and guests form an opinion about a home’s owners based upon how well they maintain their property.

Expert Siding Contractors Near Me

More importantly, finding siding contractors near me with experience is imperative. Not only does this ensure proper installation techniques, but experience helps with other issues. For instance, our 45 years of combined experience allows us to obtain the finest materials at affordable prices. Within the business, we’ve built a level of trust allowing us to offer warranties on our work and the materials we use.

Similarly, our experience and years in the business allow us to provide premium financing options. Our banking partners recognize our superior performance and our customers reap the benefits. Choose from NO-Money-down, 100% financing and interest rates as low as ZERO percent. In the end, this translates to monthly investments as low as $58. Additionally, we offer discounts for military, seniors, teachers and first responders.

Finally, we help protect you as well through all levels of our installation process. First, we provide a written estimate after your FREE, in-home consultation. Before the job begins, we sign a written contract that details all work and final costs. Thus, there are no surprise charges at the end of the project. Next, we provide you with a current copy of our insurance certificate. Likewise, we provide you with a warranty on labor and materials. If any company refuses to deliver any of the above, it’s probably best to move on.

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