​Roofing Contractors Greensboro NC – They Offer So Much!

​Roofing Contractors Greensboro NC – They Offer So Much!

May 3, 2018
If you have decided you need a new roof, you have a big decision on your hands. While there are several different material options, two really stand out: asphalt and metal. Both have their own distinct qualities. Roofing contractors Greensboro NC can help you decide which is best for your home.

Benefits of an asphalt roof

Most homeowners choose to go with an asphalt shingled roof, and this is because of its numerous advantages, including:


Roofs can be expensive, but an asphalt one is probably your most cost-effective option.


Asphalt shingles can hold up against all types of harsh weather. Also, they also have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.


A shingled roof does not have to be boring. With asphalt, you will have your choice of several textures and colors.

Easy repairs

If an asphalt roof is damaged, this is usually a simple job. Often just a few shingles need a repair or replacement.

Benefits of a metal roof

Although they are not as common as shingles, metal roofs are becoming popular for these reasons:


Perhaps the best part of a metal roof is how long it lasts. Therefore, you could own a house for 50 years and never need a new roof.


If you want to cut your energy bills significantly, think about contacting metal roofing contractors Greensboro NC right away. Because metal roofs reflect the heat from the sun, they can keep a house cool during those hot summer days. Also, they have insulative qualities that keep the heat in the house during the winter.

Return on your investment

A metal roof is more expensive than one made of asphalt, but it may be worth the extra cost. This is because it will last for much longer and cut your energy bills. In addition, with a metal roof your home will have a higher resale value and be more attractive to buyers.

Xterior LLC. is the premier roofing contractors Greensboro NC

With the days getting hotter, it could be time to think about having a new roof installed. This will allow you to keep all of that nice cool air inside. To further seal your home, you may also want to consider new windows or siding. Xterior LLC.can help you with all of these projects. For a free consultation, just get in touch.

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