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Roofing Contractor Near Me That Installs Metal Roofs

Aug 27, 2019
roofing contractors near me | Xterior LLCMother Nature is unpredictable and the paths of severe storms cannot always be forecast. Regardless, you can protect your home by choosing a strong metal roof. While choosing a metal roof is the first step in protecting your home, a quality installation is essential as well. When searching for a roofing contractor near me that provides quality installation with superior products, choose Xterior LLC. At Xterior, we have over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry and are BBB-accredited. Through the years, we’ve partnered with manufacturers, wholesalers, and lenders to offer exceptional roofing at a cost you can afford. Additionally, we use the newest installation techniques and top-grade materials to validate your warranty. As a result, you have a roof with superior protection. Since cost is a major concern for many homeowners, we provide financing options that make metal roofing affordable.

Can Metal Roofing Survive Hail?

Typically, hail forms during thunderstorms as the wind blows water high into the atmosphere where it freezes.  As we all know, hail can be very damaging to property. Naturally, one of the concerns before buying a metal roof is if hail can dent or puncture the metal panels. While it’s possible for very large hail to damage any roof, the likelihood of this occurrence is small. Generally, most hail ranges from ¼ – ½ inch in diameter which won’t damage your roof. Homeowners should seek a roofing material that offers the greatest protection while suffering the least amount of damage. Ultimately, metal roofing is the answer.

What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Probably the most common of all types of metal roofing is the standing seam. Basically, it consists of metal panels that have raised seams above the panel’s flat area. Admittedly, seams are the weakest point in any type of roofing material, as it’s a potential entry point for moisture. Raising the seams above the water level reduces the risk of leakage. Plus, standing seam roofs have fewer seams by design, thus strengthening your roof. At Xterior, we have many years of experience installing standing seam metal roof panels. We use high-quality fasteners with larger screw-head size to prevent tearing of the metal during strong winds. Additionally, we use silicone gaskets instead of rubber to prevent leakage. Finally, we seal the top and bottom of your metal roofing with breathable foam closure strips.  This creates a barrier against moisture, wind, wildlife, and insects from entering the space between the metal panel and your roof. Standing seam is one of the many metal roofing styles we can install on your home.  Numerous style options are available including the look of slate, clay, cedar shake, and even asphalt shingles. Plus, metal roofing comes in over 20 colors that include standard, premium, and custom colors. So, give us a call at 336-329-3667 and we’ll answer any questions you have about metal roofing.

Other Benefits of Metal Roofing

Moreover, there are other great benefits that make metal roof panels a superior choice. First, metal roofing can withstand very strong winds. FEMA has documented one standing seam metal roof surviving 170-mph winds. This is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane which will destroy most buildings. Additionally, metal roofing panels will not spark or ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike. Uniquely, metal roofs are long-lasting, with most manufacturers offering a warranty for 50 years. Plus, you’ll save between 10-25% on your cooling cost since metal panels reflect solar heat. Finally, metal roofing contains 25-95% recycled content, and are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Roofing Contractor Near Me That NC Residents Trust

Investing in a new roof is a big decision. You’ll want professionals with many years of experience installing your roof. In addition, you’ll want a manufacturer’s limited life warranty. Of course, you should never have a contractor work on your home without asking for proof of current insurance. When looking for a roofing contractor near me that meets these standards, choose Xterior. While the cost of a metal roofing can be expensive, Xterior provides financing options that make it affordable. We offer 0% down, low monthly payments or 0% interest rate to qualified homeowners. We work hard to find a financing option for you. In addition, we proudly offer discounts to military families, seniors, teachers, and first responders. Not sure what the cost of a metal roof for your home will be? Call Xterior at 336-329-3667 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Be sure to take a look at our gallery to see some of the metal roofs we’ve installed. Then, read our many positive reviews from our clients over the years. You’ll see why NC residents trust us with the protection of their home.

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