Roofing Companies - Questions to Ask Before You Hire Roofers

What Important Questions Should You Ask Roofing Companies?

Jun 30, 2020
roofing companiesWith so many options for roofing companies, you might be wondering how to choose the best team for your new roof. As you are shopping around, here are a few questions you should ask any roofing company. Here at Xterior LLC, we’re happy to answer each question and any others you may have.

What types of roofing do you install?

While most homes have asphalt shingle roofs, this is not your only roof material option. The Xterior LLC team installs both asphalt and metal roofs. Each has pros and cons. Let’s go over a brief rundown to start, but keep in mind that you can ask our contractor team any questions you may have about roofing material. First, asphalt roofs are great for homeowners on a strict budget. The upfront costs are a lot lower than with metal roofs. Asphalt gives your home that traditional look, which is especially important if you are matching another structure such as a freestanding garage, pool house, etc. which does not need a roof replacement at the moment. However, metal roofs last longer than asphalt, meaning that you’ll save money over time. Asphalt typically needs roof repair more often and a complete replacement approximately every 20 years. A metal roof is sturdier, and can better withstand high winds, such as what we experience here in North Carolina during tropical storms. They typically last 50 years or more.

There are a few other reasons we recommend metal roofs as well:

  • You’ll see a decrease in your energy usage (and bill!) especially during the summer. Contrary to popular belief, a metal roof does not turn your home into an oven. Instead, it reflects the sun, providing a cooling effect during the warmest part of the year.
  • Metal roofs can be recycled and are often made using recycled materials. So, if going green is important to you, metal is a top option.
  • When you choose metal, you have several style and color options. You can even find metal roofing material that looks like other materials, such as cedar or clay.
  • It gives your home a unique touch. Most of the houses on your block probably have an asphalt roof. Why not stand out with metal?
  • Moreover, a metal roof increases the value of your home, thus giving you a better return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Buyers are willing to pay more when they know the roof on the house may never have to be replaced while they are living there.
Ultimately, both a metal roof and asphalt roof are meant to protect your home. However, they can’t do their job if the installers don’t do their job correctly. That’s why it is important to find a roofing contractor with experience installing the type of roof you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for photos of past projects. We have a complete gallery of many different exterior home improvement projects we’ve completed, including metal and asphalt roofs as well as siding, windows, decking and more.

How long will it take to get my new roof?

A new roof project doesn’t take long to complete, once you get on a roofing contractor’s schedule (typically only a few days at most). Some companies book only a week or two in advance. Others book several months in advance. The key is to find a roofing company that can work with your schedule. When you work with Xterior LLC, we start with a free consultation, which includes not only an estimate for the total budget, but also an estimated schedule. We stick to this schedule whenever possible and stay in touch when the weather slows down the progress. It’s important to us that you don’t spend weeks living in a construction zone.

Who will be doing the roof replacement work?

As you interview roof replacement contractors, always ask who will be completing the work. The person who does your free consultation may not be the person who oversees the project at some companies. In fact, the roofing contractor you hire might not be the team that does the work at all. This means you’re placing your home in the hands of a team that might not have the experience or insurance you think they have. If you hire Xterior LLC, we’ll be the ones completing the project. A foreman will be on the job site in order to oversee the team and answer any questions you may have. We show up on time every day and clean up your property when we’re done.

How much will my new roof cost?

The cost of your roof installation depends on a variety of factors, including not only the material, but also the size of your roof, special roof features (such as a flat roof or steep roof), and the style/color of the material you choose. However, any company should be able to give you the actual cost during your initial consultation. Never go into a roofing project without first knowing what the price will be. You don’t want to be surprised by the total bill at the end. It is a huge red flag if a professional roofing contractor will not nail down a concrete price for your new roof. Here at Xterior LLC, we provide a free quote, which serves as a contract if you ultimately hire us. We won’t make changes mid-project or “discover” issues that require additional work. Our price quotes are completely transparent; what you see is the final price you’ll pay for your roof project.

Why should I work with your company?

We are a family-owned, local business and have more than 45 years of combined experience in offering quality home improvement projects to NC homeowners. As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we can offer the best warranties in the industry. Our technicians are highly-trained and educated on the latest techniques and materials. During your free consultation, you will be educated as to all of your options and we work within your budget. By working with our preferred lenders, we also offer exceptional financing to qualified homeowners. We will also show you our current, active insurance policy that will protect you during the entire project. If a roofing company doesn’t provide that information, do not allow them to work on your most valuable investment…your home!

What protections and warranties do you offer?

Before you work with any roofing contractor, ask to see their insurance paperwork. Any trusted roofing contractor will have copies of these documents ready to show you. If you don’t work with an insured contractor, you’re open to risks including:
  • If a worker is hurt on the job, you might be on the hook for the medical bills and all pain and suffering claims. The same goes for any neighbors or visitors who might be hurt during the roof replacement project. While we certainly take major precautions to ensure your home is safe during the work, freak accidents happen. Liability insurance protects both us and the homeowners who hire us.
To put it bluntly, it is foolish to hire a contractor who doesn’t have the proper insurance. It’s simply a risk you don’t want to take.

Can you help if my home needs additional work?

When we start a new project, we always do a roof inspection as well as an inspection of the rest of your home’s exterior. Often a roof leak, storm damage, or other issues with your current roof are found alongside problems with your siding or windows. When you work with Xterior LLC, we can handle the entire project. We’ll check for mold, wind damage, pests, leaks, and more. If you need additional work, we can get it done at the same time we do the roof work. This allows you to spend less time living in the middle of home improvement projects and more time simply enjoying your home. Some companies only do roofs. So, if you need other work, you’ll have to go through the research and hiring process a second time.

Can you help me work with my insurance company?

One of the biggest benefits to working with our team is that we handle all the paperwork. If you need a roof replacement due to wind damage, hail damage, or any other kind of storm damage, your insurance will likely cover the cost. However, insurance companies will often do whatever they can to deny your claim. You can easily spend 10+ hours on the phone dealing with insurance company reps over the course of weeks or even months! It’s not a good use of your time, and you’ll be living with roof damage in the meantime. We speak the insurance company’s language. A member of our team can deal with them on your behalf, so we can start your roofing project sooner. We also ensure that if you’re entitled to coverage, you get it. Insurance companies won’t get out of paying for your new roofing if it should be covered under your policy. Plus, we could even help you find ways to qualify for upgrades, depending on your insurance contract.

Do you offer financing?

Here at Xterior LLC, the answer is YES! We offer financing to qualified homeowners on most exterior home improvement projects, so you can replace your old roof without spending any money upfront. Here are a few advantages to financing your new roof:
  • You can get a new roof with little to no money down if you are a qualified homeowner. This helps you get a new roof immediately, when you need it, rather than having to save up for several weeks or months.
  • With financing, you can build your credit. Simply make your low monthly payments on time every month and your credit score will rise. If you’re hoping to build your credit, this article offers some additional advice.
  • We have 0% (i.e. “same as cash”) financing options for qualified buyers. This means that you’ll pay nothing in interest, but still get to spread out payments for your new roof over time, instead of paying for it upfront.
  • Roof financing allows you to save your money for other emergencies. Instead of draining your bank account, you can have that money on hand, just in case.
  • Roof financing allows you to get the style and color options you really want, even if they would otherwise be a bit out of budget. You have to look at your home’s roof every single day. Why not love it? Also, it is the only protection for your home and family from the elements that Mother Nature sends your way.
Financing your new roofing project is quick and simple. A member of our team will walk you through the process. We’ll explain any upfront costs, interest, and terms. At that point, if you decide to pay for the roof out of pocket instead, no problem. We also offer discounts to military families, seniors, teachers and first responders. Our financing team works hard to find you the best financing terms that are available. Click here to learn more.

Do you assist with clean up?

At the end of any roof project, there is a lot of debris from removing the old roof. (We don’t recommend installation over top of the old roof shingles. While this is possible, you’ll get a better result if you remove the old roof first. You want to be sure that there is no mold or rot under the current roof, before installing a new one.) Some roof contractors require you to rent a dumpster and take care of the clean-up. Here at Xterior LLC, we take care of your roofing needs from start to finish. As the homeowner, your only job is to watch us put on your beautiful new roof.

What Customers are Saying about Xterior LLC and Other Roofing Companies

Before you make your final decision about which roofing company to hire, we recommend finding out what current and past customers are saying. Here are just a few recent customer reviews we’ve received: “Xterior came out last year and put a roof on for me and from the moment they came, they were honest about what we needed and gave us a great price. One of the owners visited us personally and was and has continued to be a pleasure to do business with. The crew was professional, fast, thorough and cleaned up after themselves…” – Terry “I interviewed a few companies and am really glad I went with Xterior. They did my roof after a major hail storm, there were a few storm chasers that came by who were from out of the area. I am so glad to give my money to a local owner who clearly backs their work up. Job was done in 1 day with zero issues. They dealt with the insurance for me and even got money added for the upgrades.” – Colby Click here to read more reviews from real Xterior LLC customers. Are you ready to get started with your roof replacement project? Fill out the form at the top of the page and a team member will reach out to talk to you about your roof project. Or, give us a call at 336-329-3667.

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