Metal Roofing Options – Stunning Inspirations for Your Home

Metal Roofing Options – Stunning Design Inspiration for Your Home

Mar 4, 2019
metal roofingIf you’re considering metal roofing for your home, Xterior LLC can help. We have over 45 years of combined experience with exterior home improvements. Additionally, we offer 100% roof financing for qualified buyers. Metal is a material that stands up to almost anything Mother Nature throws our way here in North Carolina. Plus, the look of metal is stunning and can lead to energy savings during the summer. When you work with us here at Xterior LLC, you’ll get a metal roof that is the jewel of the neighborhood.

Our Metal Roofing Options – Styles for Every Home

For roofing inspiration, look no further than our project gallery. Our gallery shows just a few of the installation projects we’ve done over the past several years. With our metal roofs, you have a wide variety of style options. Not only is metal fire and wind resistant, but it also looks amazing. Here are just a few of the choices you have for your metal roof:
    • Color – You have over 20 color choices including traditional colors like brown and more eye-catching colors like red. We can help you find the exact color to match or complement your siding and house style.
    • Fastener Style – Choose from hidden fasteners or a more industrial-looking exposed fastener style.
  • Material Look – Many metal roofs look like, well, metal! Of course, this is a popular option if you want to celebrate the metal material. However, if you don’t love the look of metal, we have metal options that mimic other styles. You can choose metal that looks like slate, clay, cedar shake, or asphalt. Choose from panels or shingles depending on the style you choose.
In short, we want your roofing to match your home and personal style perfectly. So, our team will work with you to pick the best metal roofing panels or asphalt shingles for your home.

Metal Roof for Unique Homeowners who Love Saving Money

While metal is slightly more expensive, it gives you a unique look that you just can’t achieve with asphalt shingles. And, although the initial cost is higher, metal panels save money in the long term. Did you know that this might be the last roof you ever have to put on your house? In fact, most metal roofs easily last 45 years or more, with little to no maintenance required. State Farm actually reports that metal lasts up to 70 years, while asphalt tops out closer to 20 years. Metal roofs may not last forever, but they certainly last a very long time! It helps that we use products that we stand behind. Moreover, here at Xterior LLC, we use high-quality fasteners that prevent wind damage and leaks. Additionally, we use silicone gaskets and quality vent boots, which also prevent leaks. So, our roofs typically do not need much in the way of repair. However, we always want to make sure that you’re covered. Therefore, we provide our homeowners with warranties for both installation and materials. In addition to saving money over time, metal can also help you start saving money on your energy bill immediately. This is especially true in the summer. Because metal panels reflect the sun, your home will be easier to cool, preventing high air conditioning costs. The energy savings depend on the exact style and color you choose. One of our experts can speak with you more about the energy savings you can expect with metal.

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We would love to speak with you about your next roof. If you’re interested in asphalt roofing, we have installation options for you as well. Either way, Xterior LLC will provide a quality roof with an expert installation. We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and must meet their high standards. In addition, we proudly offer discounts to military families, teachers, seniors, and first responders. Check out our special offers here or fill out the form on our sidebar for a free estimate. You can also give us a call at our offices in High Point, Raleigh, Wilmington, or Greensboro.

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