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Metal Roofing Greensboro NC – Building the Future!

Aug 7, 2018
metal roofing Greensboro NCTypically, when you picture an average American home, you may not think of a metal roof. However, get ready for that to change! As Americans pursue distinctive looks for their homes, metal roofing Greensboro NC is one of the hottest Triad homeowners’ trends. In addition, a metal roof can save you money, increase your home’s value, and more! Let’s see why more and more homeowners are choosing this elegant and economical style.

Benefits of a Metal Roof

  • Lower Energy Bills: By some estimates, metal roofing can save you up to 40% on energy bills. The secret is in how metal roofs deflect the sun’s rays. In the summer, this reflective property keeps your house cooler by dissipating the heat. Meanwhile, in the winter, it can help to keep the heat inside the house.
  • Serious Durability: Usually, metal roofs last far longer than asphalt shingle, wood, tile, or any other material. Metal roofs last for decades, and often can go 50 years or more with only minor occasional repairs. Also, they require almost no maintenance.
  • Aesthetic Elegance: Often, many people are surprised to learn about the variety of aesthetic options for metal roofing. The classic “barn” look (called a standing seam) is only one of many! Now, read on to find out more about the different looks metal roofing can achieve.

Types of Metal Roofing Greensboro NC Homeowners Should Know About

To take it down to the essentials, there are four basic types of metal roofing. All offer great energy savings and can complement different styles of homes. It’s all a matter of choosing the right one for yours! In this section, we’ll discuss types of metal roofing available to Triad homeowners:
  • Standing Seam: For most people, this is the typical metal roof they picture in their head. This type is made of continuous metal panels that run from the ridgeline down to the end. In between are seams that “stand up” due to the fasteners that hold them together.
  • Shingle/Slate: Metal roofing can easily reproduce these two classic looks, with the added durability of steel.
  • Metal Tile: If you want a truly distinctive look for your home, metal tile can take you there. Metal tiles offer the beautiful look of a traditional tile roof, but are much more sturdy and low-maintenance.
  • Shake: You won’t believe how versatile a metal roof can be until you’ve seen the rustic look of a metal shake roof. That’s right — all the classic looks of a shake roof, with none of the excessive maintenance hassles!
So, if you’re interested in equipping your home for the future, metal roofing is an outstanding way to go! Xterior LLC. installs the metal roofing Greensboro NC trusts to stand the test of time. Our roofing professionals offer free quotes, client-focused service, and the most durable and trustworthy work around. Call 336-329-3667 or contact us online to get started on a metal roof you’ll love!

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