Local Roofing Companies: Here's What They Don't Want You to Know!

What Some Local Roofing Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Dec 30, 2020
local roofing companiesFinding the best roofing contractor can seem impossible. With so many local roofing companies available, how can you separate the good from the bad? We’ll let you in on a little secret: if you ask the right questions, you can pretty easily figure out which roofing company to hire. Don’t accidentally hire a company that should (or does!) have a one-star rating. Let’s talk about the things that incompetent companies don’t want you to know about hiring a roofer.

You Should Always Look at Examples of Previous Work

Reviews are a great place to start when you are researching residential roofing companies. However, they only tell part of the story. We recommend also looking at a portfolio of past work. Here at Xterior LLC, we have pictures of several past projects on our website for you to peruse. We can also show you pictures of our past projects when we meet with you to discuss your job. The key here is to look for work that reflects what you really want in your new roof. For example, if you want a metal roof, but the company only shows asphalt roof examples this should be a red flag. They might not have the right kind of roof experience you need. If a company doesn’t have any reviews or examples of past projects, this is potentially a red flag. Everyone has to start somewhere. However, even new companies typically have prior work experience they can show you. Remember, look at work that is recent and that shows local roofs. You want to see proof that a contractor can install the type of roofing system that makes sense for the environment here in North Carolina. That’s part of the reason it makes sense to hire a local company.

Don’t Hire a Contractor who Pushes You into One Option or Another

Here at Xterior LLC, we install both metal roofs and asphalt roofs. There are pros and cons to each option. Metal roofs are more expensive upfront, but typically less expensive over time, since they can last 50 years or more. Asphalt roofs don’t last as long and often need repairs over the years, but the roof installation is less expensive. There’s no one right or wrong answer when it comes to your roof. We are happy to give you our opinion based on your budget and the look you want. However, it should be a red flag if any roof replacement company tries to push you in one direction or another. When companies are pushy, it is typically for one of three reasons: 1. They make more money on one type of roof over another, so they push you toward the more profitable option. 2. Their personal opinions on the look of a roof is guiding the recommendation, which may clash with your own style choices. 3. One particular type of roofing may be in their inventory, perhaps because they had a cancelled job or received a discount on the material, and now they are trying to sell it. For whatever reason, these companies are not doing what is best for you, the customer. As part of our initial meeting, we’ll go over all the asphalt shingle and metal roof options. Again, if you want our opinion, we are happy to give it to you. That said, we try our best to not be too pushy. Ultimately, it is you that has to live with your roof, so we want you to love it.

Roofs Come in Many Styles and Colors – Don’t Settle for One You Don’t Like

Many roofers lack the resources to have as many styles and colors as we do. We have been in business long enough to have relationships with top roofing material suppliers. This means we have dozens of options to show our customers. Both asphalt shingle and metal roofs come in a variety of options. We suggest choosing a color and style to match or contrast with your exterior walls. However, if your home needs a facelift, keep in mind that we can replace your siding as well. Not only do we provide a large number of roof options, but we also have several vinyl siding colors and styles.

Ask for Insurance Information

Scam artists on some social media platforms and other local sites do not want you to ask for their insurance – typically because they don’t actually have insurance! This puts you at risk. You could face severe financial hardship if you work with a roofer that doesn’t have paperwork in order. Proper insurance is very important. Why does this matter for you? Well, let’s say that a member of the contractor’s team has an accident on the job. They could actually sue you to cover medical bills. If the contractor has insurance, you don’t have to worry about these things. Their insurance takes away any financial risk from the homeowner. Don’t be afraid to not only ask for the insurance information, but also call the insurance company. Make sure the insurance is still in force and premium payments are current. Some less-than-professional contractors pay for just one month before cancelling to have paperwork on hand to show people. Double check! You can read more here about the importance of hiring an insured company.

Sign a Contract Before Work Begins

Any roofing company worth hiring will sign a contract with you. A contract can be as simple as a one- or two-page document. It simply states the work that they will perform, the price, and the timeline. The contract you sign will protect you, so that you can be sure that they aren’t going to disappear with your money. It is common for unprofessional contractors to show up, give you a verbal quote, and then change things throughout the project as they “find” problems. This just isn’t a good way to do business, in our opinion. At Xterior LLC, you’ll always get a price quote before you begin. This is the price you’ll pay when the work is complete, with no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the project. The contract protects both you and the roofing company. Don’t hire anyone without it.

The Right Roofing Contractor Will See the Project to the End

There are very large national businesses that sell you a roof, but then hire a local roofing company to do the installation. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a local roofing contractor. In fact, we recommend it! However, you should be able to research the exact company you want to work on your home. Here at Xterior LLC, we oversee all of our own projects. We have more than 45 years of combined experience in home improvements.

Local Roofing Companies are Almost Always the Best Option

Speaking of hiring locally, a local roofing company is almost always the better choice when it comes to hiring a contractor for your new roof. Here are a few reasons why:
  • We’re aware of local regulations. Do you need a permit? Do you need a special inspection from the city? We can answer those questions based on your neighborhood.
  • When you spend money in your local community, it helps all local businesses thrive. We in turn spend money with other local businesses. You’re putting food on your neighbor’s table! It’s a domino effect that helps the whole community.
  • We are local, so it is convenient if you need to contact us about your roofing installation. If you have questions, we’re always close by. No question is too big or small.
  • Local roofing companies want you to refer them to friends and family. When you hire a national company, they really don’t care about local referrals, since they have moved on to another part of the country after completing your project.
Xterior LLC is a family-owned business. We appreciate all of our customers. To us, you aren’t just another roof. You’re part of the family. You won’t get that level of customer care from a large corporation.

Companies Shouldn’t Install a New Roof Over Old Roofing Material

Some companies have a rather interesting solution to a roof leak. They install a new roof or patch the roof without removing the old roofing material! This is, in our opinion, one of the most egregious ways some contractors cut corners. They might tell you it is normal, but in our experience, this is not a high-quality installation method. Instead, we start by removing the old roof and doing a quick roof inspection to note any issues. We’ll look for water damage, mold, infestations, and more. Before we install the new roof, we’ll fix any problems we discover. Otherwise, these problems will just continue to fester beneath your new roof. In the long term, you could experience serious, expensive issues with the structure of your home. Any roofing project is worth doing right. Roof maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, but you have to start with a properly-installed roof. If you don’t, you’ll only continue to have problems.

You Could Qualify for Financing, if You Work with the Right Company

Did you know that you may not have to pay for your roof upfront? Unprofessional contractors don’t want you to know about the financing options we offer! We can help most homeowners determine which financing option makes the most sense. Qualified homeowners can even get a new roof with little to no money down. You might even qualify for a very low interest rate. In any case, we’ll help you get the best deal for you. Additionally, we can help you determine if you qualify for coverage under your homeowners’ insurance. If your old roof was damaged due to a storm, fire, or other natural disaster, your homeowners’ insurance might cover the cost of a new roof. Filing an insurance claim can be time-consuming and frustrating. We’ve seen many homeowners denied because they don’t know what coverage they had or how to apply for the benefit. We speak insurance language and can help you walk through this process.

Ask Lots of Questions

Last but not least, so-called “bad” contractors don’t want you to ask them a lot of questions. The more questions you ask, the more likely it is that you’ll uncover their lack of knowledge or experience. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions! As contractors, answering your questions is our job. Keep in mind that you should feel free to ask questions during the project itself as well. The Xterior LLC team is happy to explain anything you don’t understand throughout the process. We want you to feel completely confident with our work, so you can fully enjoy your next roof. Always check a contractor’s reviews to see what previous customers say about their experience. As further proof of our high-quality work, we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This allows us to offer some of the best manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranties in the business.

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