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Window Replacements Greensboro NC – 5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Windows

Feb 10, 2019
window replacements Greensboro NCIf you’re considering window replacements Greensboro NC residents, contact Xterior LLC to find out more about our window services. Xterior LLC has over 45 years of combined experience as contractors in North Carolina. So, we’re a company you can trust to get the job done right. But, why should you upgrade your windows in the first place? Here are five reasons to consider new windows:
  • Finance our Top-Quality Windows for No-Money-Down

First, the biggest barrier to window replacement for most homeowners is the price. Yes, this is an investment. However, we work with every budget and even provide financing for window replacement services and projects. Qualified buyers can receive no-money-down financing approval. In addition, we have 0% interest financing options. Therefore, the cost of replacing your windows doesn’t need to be scary. Window replacement is an investment that makes sense. Your monthly investment could be as low as $58! That is less than many people spend on coffee over the course of a month. Find out more about our financing options here.
  • Save on Energy Costs – Window Replacements Greensboro NC Residents Love

Not only is replacing your windows less expensive than you may think, but it can also save money over time. Older windows are typically not energy-efficient. In fact, even a tiny gap could cost as much as if your wall was missing an entire brick! We use Norandex energy-efficient windows. They are argon gas-filled and made with dual-pane glass. Sealed air chambers within the glass help create even more insulation. Depending on the number of new energy-efficient windows in your home, you could see your energy bills drop significantly. Of course, this is also better for the environment, in addition to being better for your wallet.
  • Stop Water from Invading Your Home

Many homeowners do not realize the problems water is causing in their homes. Seal issues around doors and windows can allow water to seep in over time. This moisture – even a small amount – can lead to mold growth. Unfortunately, mold can cause any number of health problems including asthma flare-ups, headaches, congestion, itchy eyes, and coughing. Some kinds of mold are more dangerous than others, but you should take steps to prevent all kinds of mold. The windows we use resist leaks from the weather. They use intercept spacers, which flex with the temperature to prevent seals from cracking. In addition, we install stepped sills to drive water away from your entire home as much as possible. Therefore, these windows don’t just prevent leaks at the window itself, but also throughout the entire structure. Unlike other companies, we also guarantee our work. So, if water does get into your home or a window breaks, our limited lifetime warranty will cover you. Xterior LLC window replacements Greensboro NC customers have peace of mind.
  • Clean Your Windows Easily

Let’s face it: cleaning doors and windows is not a fun task. If you dislike this chore, our replacement windows Greensboro NC team can help! The windows we use include a flush-mount tilt latch to allow you to tilt the window in for easy cleaning. We can’t promise that cleaning will be more fun, but at least it doesn’t have to involve ladders!
  • Love the Look of Your Home

Lastly, one major reason to upgrade your windows is this: you should love the look of your home! If you moved into a home with older windows, you may have settled for someone else’s style. Windows and doors play a huge role in your home’s appearance. We have multiple styles available to fit every budget. So, isn’t it time to let your personal taste shine? Contact us for a free quote or call 336-329-3667 to find out more about replacement windows. You can also see photos of our recent window projects in our online gallery.