Vinyl Siding Has Come A Long Way Since Its Debut

In 1957, a small plastic company, then known as Taytec Corporation, produced the world’s first vinyl siding product. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very good replacement for its rival, aluminum.  This early version had cracking and fading problems. Fast forward ahead 50 years and today vinyl has a very different story. Fade-resistant, durable, versatile, and nearly maintenance-free, […]

For the Best Deck Builders Near Me Look No Further

When most people think about decks, they envision grilling during the dog days of summer. Of course, this experience is one of the highlights of having a deck. But a good contractor will tell you that quality decks can be enjoyed most, if not all, of the year. For example, what could be nicer than slipping […]

House Siding Companies Near Me for Beautiful New Vinyl Siding

Are you looking for house siding companies near me in North Carolina? Xterior LLC can make your home look brand new by updating the siding. Updated siding can drastically increase your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, you can take care of any moisture problems your old siding may be causing. We have 45 combined years of experience […]

Vinyl Siding Contractors – Why You Should Hire Professionals

With the rise in popularity of YouTube, many homeowners are taking renovation projects into their own hands. It may be tempting to skip hiring vinyl siding contractors and instead, install new siding yourself. However, this decision may end up costing much more (in addition to being a headache). Vinyl is a good siding option if […]

Window Replacement Contractors Near Me in North Carolina

One of the most wonderful aspects of living in NC is enjoying four seasons each year. However, this also means that our homes are in a nearly constant state of flux. For instance, your actual house frame tends to expand or shrink a little each time weather changes. When this occurs, small gaps in improperly […]

What Window Replacement Contractors Near Me Can Offer Your Home

Homeowners want their windows replaced for many reasons. It might be damage from a storm, a change in home aesthetics, or a desire to upgrade to energy-efficient windows. Whatever the reason, many homeowners are looking for window replacement contractors near me who get the job done right. However, many homeowners aren’t sure where to start. […]

Need a Replacement Windows High Point NC Company?

This summer has mostly consisted of days that were either very hot or very rainy. But, if you have young kids they surely found time to play in your yard. While you may have been happy they went outside, you probably were not thrilled with some of their actions. It rarely takes long for a […]