The Roofing Winston Salem NC Experts are at Xterior

With roofing, you never want to go with the cheapest option. Of course, budget and value should be at the top of the list of considerations. But a good roof should be, above all else, about quality. And that quality should extend all the way from materials used to the workmanship of the installation. That’s […]

Intriguing Questions and Answers for Burlington Roofing

As you search for Burlington roofing online, we have an interesting question for you. If a rooster lays an egg on top of a sloped roof, which way does it roll? One may wonder which direction the egg shall follow. Perhaps, it won’t follow a direction at all. However, our team at Xterior LLC has some direction […]

Keep Your Family Safe – Contact Local Roofers Near Me

As you search for local roofers near me in NC, consider the following quote. “If you feed your mind as often as you feed your stomach, then you’ll never have to worry about feeding your stomach or a roof over your head or clothes on your back.” Most often attributed to Albert Einstein, we like […]

Roofing Companies That Offer Financing – Whatever Your Credit

If you don’t know how old your roof is, it may be time to replace it. And if your roof looks old and worn or if you have a leak, it’s definitely time to replace it. But, replacing your roof is a big expense. The national average cost is $7,211. That’s more money than most homeowners […]

Quality Metal Roofing Also Requires A Quality Installation

Through the years, metal roofing has been known for its strength and longevity, but never for its beauty. However, this has all changed as manufacturers now offer many different color and style choices. And consumers are starting to take notice. While metal roofing still only represents a small percentage of the total market share, the […]

Siding Contractors – Who Can Help Me Pick a Trending Color?

Pantone, the company known for its universal standards in color, has announced its 2020 Color of Year: Classic Blue.  For over 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development in many industries. Expect the vinyl siding industry to take note. Certainly, this shade of blue fits the recent trend towards darker, bolder colors […]

Metal Roofs Near Me – Which is the Best Choice for Your Home?

While people have treasured metal roofing for its longevity and durability, it lacked aesthetic beauty. That has changed significantly within the past few decades as manufacturers produced new colors, textures, and styles. Now available in over 20 beautiful colors, metal panels can mimic slate, clay, cedar shake, and asphalt shingles. Still, one of the most […]

Roofing Contractor – Do I Really Need a Professional?

It seems we live in the age of DIYers. Surf YouTube and you’ll find plenty of videos that will show you how to replace roofing without a contractor. While these videos make it look so easy, replacing a roof is actually harder and more dangerous than it looks. Hiring a roofing contractor to replace your […]

Roofing Companies with Plentiful Financing Options

The holidays are upon us with gift buying and extra expenses. So, when a winter weather storm wreaks havoc on your roof, you need financing to replace it. Waiting is not an option as freezing cold weather can worsen the problem leading to even more leaks. Then, you’re likely to incur water damage and mold. […]

Siding Contractors Near Me with Experience and Expertise

As you search for vinyl siding contractors near me online, you may find that roofing companies come up too. In fact, that’s actually a good thing. Locating a contractor in your area that is well-versed in multiple home installations is a valuable credential to find. Notably, Xterior LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in vinyl […]