How To Install Vinyl Siding – Hire One Of The Best Contractors In NC

How To Install Vinyl Siding The Easy Way – Hire A Pro

Mar 1, 2021
how to install vinyl sidingYour exterior siding must be tough and durable to withstand harsh weather elements. Yet, it must also reflect your taste with elegance and style. One of the most economical ways to protect your home with beauty and charm is with vinyl siding. The online blogs and videos on how to install vinyl siding make it seem so easy. Until you make a costly mistake. However, hiring an experienced siding contractor will avoid missteps while ensuring a proper siding installation for full protection. One of North Carolina’s most highly rated home improvement companies is Xterior LLC. We have over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry and are BBB accredited. Moreover, we proudly offer siding products from ABC Supply Co., Inc. and Beacon Building Products, leading suppliers of quality vinyl siding. However, quality products need proper installation. Our experience combined with quality products will protect your home for many years.

Why Is Vinyl Siding A Preferred Exterior Cladding?

For the past few decades, vinyl siding has been the popular choice for both new construction and exterior remodeling projects. It’s easy to see why when you consider the many benefits:
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
Other types of cladding all require more maintenance than vinyl panels. Once a popular siding choice, aluminum siding has fallen out of favor. Not only is aluminum siding susceptible to dents and scratches, but the color also fades requiring painting. Both fiber cement and wood siding require periodic painting to protect against deterioration. Similarly, stucco is subject to cracking that will require repair. Even enduring brick can suffer degradation. A common problem is for the mortar holding the bricks in place to crumble and erode. For a truly low-maintenance siding material, install vinyl. This cladding only requires periodic cleaning with mild soap and water. Plus, it’s extremely durable, surpassing many industry standards for performance. Moreover, it’s the only exterior siding choice verified by an independent quality control agency. Aso, it’s the most economical choice out of all the cladding choices. Furthermore, if you choose to install insulated vinyl siding, you can save on energy costs. Insulated siding consists of foam insulation attached to vinyl panels. Finally, vinyl is extremely versatile with profiles and colors to match nearly any architectural style. You can choose from vertical siding like board and batten or horizontal siding like clapboard. Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of colors in a natural-looking Cedarwood grain pattern.

What About The Siding Installation Process?

Of all the cladding choices, vinyl siding offers the easiest installation. Lightweight, easy to cut, and interlocking design help to keep labor costs down. Additionally, attaching vinyl panels to your exterior is simple and straightforward. Moreover, you can install vinyl panels over existing siding providing the surface is level with no signs of deterioration. If your old siding isn’t completely flat, you may have to also install an underlayment. Installing an extruded polystyrene underlayment will also insulate your home. Furthermore, you’ll want to install a house wrap underneath your siding. Although vinyl is highly water-resistant, you will have numerous seams. The house wrap forms an additional moisture barrier to protect your home. When you install vinyl siding, you must consider its properties for expansion and contraction. Vinyl will expand when heated and shrink when cooled. Thus, to avoid problems with temperature fluctuations, you must nail each siding panel to hang loosely. If all this sounds complicated, hire the professionals at Xterior. You’ll enjoy years of protection with our quality installation. You can read about our reputation for quality and dependability in our reviews. Installing Vinyl Siding Is Not A DIY Project Today, online videos show you how seemingly easy it is to do just about anything. However, installing vinyl siding is something you should leave to the professionals. Mistakes can be costly and you could end up spending a significantly higher amount fixing them. Additionally, if you install your siding incorrectly, you’ll void your manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, a trained eye can spot trouble spots you may overlook. Installing new siding over problems will only make the issue worse. A professional contractor knows where to look for potential issues. Plus, your contractor has the knowledge and experience to fix the damage quickly and correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Siding Installation

Other consumers have the same questions as you regarding vinyl siding installation. Thus, here are our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your answer here, be sure to give us a call at 336-329-3667 for more information.

How Much Does New Siding Installation Cost?

Before you undertake any home improvement project, you need to know if it fits into your budget. We get that. However, each exterior remodeling project is unique. Your house size, shape, and material choice all affect your cost. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation estimate. Moreover, we understand your budget concerns. We also offer many different types of financing options to meet your needs. Currently, we’re offering 0% interest rate for 4 years with approved credit to make your vinyl siding cost affordable for qualified homeowners.

What About Fascia, Soffit, and Trim?

Often, when considering buying new siding, a homeowner only considers the exterior walls. However, you can achieve a stunning virtually maintenance-free exterior by replacing your fascia, soffit, and trim. You can replace these architectural elements with vinyl for a truly polished, cohesive look. When you choose vinyl products to replace these elements, you’re choosing an affordable and durable product. Plus, the versatility of vinyl allows you to achieve the appearance you desire.

How Durable Is Vinyl?

Manufacturers engineer exterior vinyl products to withstand harsh weather elements. Properly installed vinyl panels won’t warp, rust, rot, or corrode. Moreover, vinyl naturally resists insects and mold. Additionally, today’s vinyl products have advanced UV-resistant coatings to resist fading. Even dark colors will remain vibrant for years.

How To Install Vinyl Siding Isn’t A Question You Should Be Googling

In these tight economic times, we’re all looking to save money. However, you shouldn’t consider scrimping on protecting one of your biggest investments. The online tutorials showing how to install vinyl siding don’t consider the problems an improper installation may cause. Instead, hire a trusted source for affordable, quality home improvement projects, Xterior LLC. We deliver quality materials and workmanship to fit your budget. In addition to installing vinyl siding, we also install metal and asphalt roofs, custom decks, and replacement windows. If you’ve been considering an exterior remodeling project, now is the time. Call us at 336-329-3667 for your free no-obligation estimate.