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Deck Builders Winston Salem NC Sparking Imagination

deck builders Winston Salem NCIf you’re searching for deck builders Winston Salem NC then the embers of your imagination are already glowing. Perhaps, you are already picturing yourself lounging about on an extended expanse stretching from your home. Or, the ideas have just provided kindle and you’re wondering what you could do with a little extra outdoor space.

Either way, Xterior LLC. has the fuel to light your sparks. And, by fuel, we mean expertise. (Don’t worry, we’re not firebugs. We just get a little excited when it comes to deck-talk.) That said, please pardon our enthusiasm. Actually, don’t pardon it. Embrace it! It’s what we do; it’s what we love! Enhancing your home is our raison d’etre—our purpose.

Find the Best Deck Builders Winston Salem NC

First, we have good news. Building a deck needn’t be a long, drawn-out process. For example, Xterior LLC. offers a prompt and FREE in-home consultation. Initially, we meet to take measurements and discuss your requirements. During this time, we review material and finish options. Also, we suggest design layouts and features that best blend into your outdoor space. Of course, it’s important that the deck complement the style and location of your home.

Second, while cost matters, it doesn’t have to be prohibitive. With no money down and payments as low as $59 per month, we find solutions that fit your budget. So, let your dreams run wild. We’ll be right there with you using our decade of experience in residential construction. Keep in mind, we won’t try to tame your desires. Instead, we can help you find the best direction to AIM them.

Finally, adding a deck actually adds value to your home. Homebuyers prefer extra outdoor space and enhanced entertainment areas.

Options to Enhance Your Deck

Among the first of your decisions, is determining what material you prefer. Your two main options are traditional wood or composite deck material. Of course, each has its own benefits.

Traditional Wood:

  • Due to its durability and strength, wood stands the test of time.
  • For an entirely different look in the future, you can stain and re-stain.
  • With a wide variety of woods, choose a custom appearance that makes the deck an attractive element on its own.

Composite Deck Material:

  • Man-made materials require little maintenance. Therefore, power-washing is sometimes the only care they require.
  • These materials are resistant to insects, mold, and staining. Thus, they will not warp.
  • Synthetic materials can appear exactly like wood. Correspondingly, they are available in many colors and textured finishes.

Ultimately, choosing local deck builders Winston Salem NC matters as well. Carolina Home Specialists is familiar with the Triad area and has experience with regulations and codes. Today, contact us for a free quote!


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