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Mar 23, 2020
deck builder greensboro ncAccording to past surveys, each year approximately 4.2% of US households add a deck to their home. In addition, the demand for new and replacement decks will likely increase. With buyers actively seeking homes with decks, adding one to your home increases its resale value immediately. While these facts are impressive, you’re just interested in adding some much-needed additional living space to your house. And, you require a professional that can walk you through the design process, while helping you stay within your budget. When searching for a deck builder Greensboro NC residents trust, choose Xterior LLC. Xterior has over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry. A family-owned and operated company, we’re also BBB-accredited. Our professional deck designers can help plan the perfect deck for you. After discussing usage and desired features, we’ll come up with a design within your budget. Even more, you can get a beautiful deck today with no money down! We offer fast and friendly loan pre-approvals to finance your new deck project. In addition to building decks, we can build a fence, replace your windows, siding, or roof. We service many areas in North Carolina including Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Advance and Burlington.  When you’re looking for experienced contractors in exterior remodeling, you’ll want to contact us. Give us a call today at 336-329-3667 for your free no-obligation estimate.

The Many Benefits of Adding a Custom Deck

Truly, there are so many great benefits to adding a deck to your home. These include beauty, additional living space, more entertainment space, and added value to your home. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive remodeling projects, when compared to other home remodeling projects. Moreover, a well-maintained deck is a huge selling point when the time comes to move. First, decks add visual interest and beauty.  Your choice of decking material, shape, and size will create a focal point in your yard.  In particular, a deck project is a great way to add contrast to your backyard area. By using sharp, angled corners or smooth, rounded edges, your deck will naturally draw attention. Next, a deck adds value to your home. While most homeowners build a deck for their own pleasure, it’s good to know decks add resale value. This means for every dollar that you spend, you’ll recoup some of your cost when you sell the house. For the 2020 year, Remodeling Magazine estimates you’ll get back 72.1% of your cost. But the primary reason homeowners add on a deck is for their enjoyment and additional living space. No longer just a wooden platform, decks are dining areas, outdoor living rooms, and kitchens. By installing a fireplace on your deck, you can even enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Whatever way you can imagine using the extra living area, Xterior can help you design your deck project. When you work with a custom deck builder, you know that the end result will be exactly the space that you need.

What Size Deck Should You Build?

When planning your deck, it’s best to determine your intended use first. How will you be using your deck? Dining, entertaining, or relaxing? Next, consider how much furniture you need to place on your deck. For example, a dining table must have enough space to comfortably move around it. Once you’ve determined use, you can design a deck in proportion to your home. To build a deck in proportion to your house, professional deck builders use guidelines. Primarily, the deck should be about 20% of the total square footage of the entire house. The second is that no single section should be bigger than the largest room in your house. Both of these guidelines help to ensure the deck stays in proportion to the home. One of the most common mistakes is to install a deck that is not in harmony with the house. While you want a deck big enough to suit your needs, you don’t want your deck to dominate the area. Your deck should accommodate all your needs, but not so big that it dwarfs your home. Plus, you need to consider the size of your yard. Certainly, a deck in a small lot is possible and a qualified contractor can help you design it. At Xterior, we have years of experience in deck construction. We’ll help you design a custom deck according to your needs.

Where’s the Best Location for My Deck?

The next consideration in planning your deck is the location. It’s of critical importance to consider the area to place your deck. Admittedly, its placement can greatly impact its use. For example, if your deck is located directly in the hot sun, you probably won’t use it very often. Therefore, before you even start designing your deck, you should take a critical look at your yard. Begin by noting the amount of sun and shade at the location of your proposed deck. Also, keep in mind winds or seasonal chills. If you’re mindful of the weather factors, you can change your design for your maximum enjoyment. For instance, if you can’t avoid direct sunlight, consider installing a pergola or canopy. Another factor to consider is the ease of access. You’ll want your deck located where there’s a point of entry into your home. The movement of people from your home to your deck should feel natural. Typically, many homeowners choose a door off the kitchen or living room that leads to the backyard. Privacy is another issue you’ll want to consider when finding a location for your deck. Sometimes, houses are situated close to one another, or close to a busy roadway. The lack of privacy or a nearby source of loud noise can ruin your outdoor enjoyment. In these cases, you may want to consider including a barrier like a wall or high railings. Finally, you need to look at the physical characteristics of your yard. Primarily, the size and shape of your lot will greatly affect the location of your deck. We have already discussed the size of your lot, but the contours of your yard need consideration. A sloping yard may require grading first.  Does your home overlook a fabulous view?  Certainly, you’d want to build your deck to capture it

What Design Elements Should I Use?

Largely, your design will be dependent on your budget. Decks can range from simple one-level structures to multi-level designs with built-in furniture and lighting. Moreover, deck shapes can have traditional straight lines or curves. Keep your main goals in mind, to increase living space with your intended use and to stay within your budget. Many deck styles incorporate the home’s architectural style into the design. Since your deck is an extension of your home, your deck should create a seamless integration. Take a look at the lines of your house. Does it have long horizontal lines like a ranch? Or curved towers of a Victorian? Thus, your home’s features can help you choose from among the many options. Additionally, you can choose to add amenities like lighting, seating, or fireplaces. These additional features should reflect your intended use. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you may want built-in seating. Or if you plan on using your deck year-round, you’ll want a fireplace to keep toasty on chillier nights.

Is Pressure-Treated Wood a Good Decking Material?

Pressure-treated lumber has been in use since the 1940s. Typically southern yellow pine, it’s wood infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects. The result is an extremely durable, long-lasting wood product. Moreover, through the years, pressure-treated lumber has historically dominated the residential decking market. If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, you’ll want to use pressure-treated wood. Out of all the choices, it’s the cheapest. Furthermore, pressure-treated lumber is strong and long-lasting. To keep your deck looking great, you must follow manufacturers’ instructions as to how often to seal and paint your wood deck.

Tropical Hardwoods Are Also A Good Choice

Years ago, cedar and redwood were popular decking material choices. However, as the old-growth wood supply dwindled, tropical hardwoods such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Cuamaru, and Garapa became popular. Naturally resistant to rot and insects, hardwoods are tough enough to withstand hail, playful children, and pets. These decking materials are long-lasting, strong, naturally beautiful, and durable. Most decks made from tropical hardwood decks have a longer life than pressure-treated wood, but it depends on the climate and the wood. Plus, hardwoods are low maintenance. Contractors recommend twice a year cleaning. And hardwoods only require sealing if you want to preserve the color. Among the hardwood options, Ipe is the hardest decking lumber available. It’s one of the strongest and best hardwood materials you can use for decking. It can easily last up to 50 years before you need to replace it. Moreover, Ipe has the same fire rating as steel and concrete. However, among all the hardwood choices, it’s also the most expensive. Less expensive tropical hardwoods are Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Garapa. These decking materials are also long-lasting and durable. And like Ipe, they’re naturally resistant to rot and decay. Their main difference is their coloring. Cumaru ranges from light yellowy to reddish-brown with distinct graining. Garapa is a lighter color wood, varying from yellow to honey-colored. While Tigerwood offers exotic, dramatic dark brown streaks against a tan/orange background.

What about Composite Decking?

In 1996, Trex, unveiled a new product, composite decking. Made from a mix of wood fibers and recycled plastic, it contains about 95% of recycled content. Moreover, it’s engineered to give homeowners a long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative without the hassle of maintenance. Additionally, today’s composite decking closely resembles natural wood. The benefits of using composite products for decking are numerous. Composite decking won’t rot, warp, splinter, or fade. It’s impervious to termites and doesn’t require the sealing and painting that wood does. Plus, it uses about 400 million pounds of plastic and wood from landfills each year. Although composite wood decking costs more than other materials, the savings on replacement and maintenance usually more than offset the investment. Not sure which decking material is the best choice for your project? Call Xterior at 336-329-3667 to speak with one of our designers. We’ll review the options based on your needs and budget. Plus, we’ll give you a free no-obligation estimate.

Hire a Deck Builder Greensboro NC Residents Trust

Stop dreaming about your beautiful new deck and make your dreams a reality! Call Xterior LLC, a deck builder Greensboro NC residents trust. Our years of experience, quality materials, and financing options make us your contractor of choice. Moreover, you don’t have to wait to buy your new deck, because we can make it happen today. We offer 0% down payments, low monthly payments, or 0% interest rate for qualified buyers. Plus, we give discounts to military, seniors, teachers, and first responders. Furthermore, we offer a manufacturer’s limited warranty. Plus, for your protection, we are 100% fully insured. So, give us a call at 336-329-3667 today. We’ll show you how easy and affordable a new custom deck can be.