We Make Roof Financing Easy for North Carolina Homeowners

Needing a roof replacement can sneak up on you. From the outside, your roof might look fine. However, over time, leaks, pests, and other issues could cause damage to your home. Roof damage can be very costly, if you don’t handle it as soon as you discover it. Although roof repair is sometimes possible, in […]

Your Roof Financing Options from Roofing Companies near Me

No matter where you live, a roof replacement can feel like a large financial burden. Here at Xterior LLC, we believe that getting a new roof shouldn’t be stressful. After all, completing an improvement project on your home should be a satisfying accomplishment! When searching for roofing companies near me, never settle for a deal […]

Contractors Who Offer Roof Financing That’s Easy and Affordable

“If you run from a leaking roof you’ll end up with a flood.” Mahmoud Abbas It’s no small matter when you find a leak in your roof. Letting it go or ignoring it can lead to even more expensive repairs. But new roofs are an expensive project. With the financial insecurity caused by the COVID-19 […]

Roofing Companies That Offer Financing – Whatever Your Credit

If you don’t know how old your roof is, it may be time to replace it. And if your roof looks old and worn or if you have a leak, it’s definitely time to replace it. But, replacing your roof is a big expense. The national average cost is $7,211. That’s more money than most homeowners […]

Roofing Companies with Plentiful Financing Options

The holidays are upon us with gift buying and extra expenses. So, when a winter weather storm wreaks havoc on your roof, you need financing to replace it. Waiting is not an option as freezing cold weather can worsen the problem leading to even more leaks. Then, you’re likely to incur water damage and mold. […]

Roof Financing – Roofing Companies that Provide Loans

New roofs can be expensive. With the average cost to replace an asphalt roof at about $7,200, many homeowners struggle with the cost. Yet, if it’s time to replace your roof and you don’t, you may incur serious damage to your home. Water seeping through your damaged roof can cause rot and serious structural damage. You need […]

Roof Financing When You Have Less than Stellar Credit

You may not think of your roof often, but it just might be the most important part of your house. If you don’t pay attention after a storm, leaks can develop which can cause extensive damage. Also, the longer you delay getting a new roof the more expensive it may be to fix it. In […]

Roofing Companies That Finance with Ease in North Carolina

You’ve had several severe storms pass through your neighborhood recently and you think your roof may have some damage. And while it may be time to replace your roof, your cash is on the low side. Or, you may have credit that is less than perfect. But if you don’t replace your roof, water can […]

​The Most Affordable Quality Roofing Greensboro NC

Now, when is the last time you really thought about your roof? In fact, while you go about your business, it just sits up there as the unheralded protector of your home. You definitely do not want to wait until there is a problem before you give your roof consideration. Therefore, if your roof is […]