Why You Should Negotiate a Roof Replacement When Buying a New Home

Why You Should Negotiate a Roof Replacement When Buying a New Home

Save money on the cost of replacing the roof of your new home
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Aug 31, 2021

Buying a new home is often a hectic, stressful time. From finding a home you like in the first place to making offers to having the home inspected. There are a lot of things going on at once and the process can take a long time. This means it can be even more devastating if you’ve fallen in love with a house only to find upon inspection that there are problems with the roof.

Roof problems don’t mean that you have to give up on your dream home, however. You can use the damage to the roof to negotiate with the seller before you actually close on the house.

If you’re putting on an offer on a home with damages, you have two options in your negotiations:

  1. Discount on the house
  2. Roof replacement

Reasons to Negotiate a New Roof

If the roof needs to be replaced on a house you’re considering buying, that is a major expense to you. The damage would have occurred before you were the owner. In many cases, paying for the damage to the roof could therefore be the responsibility of the seller of the house. It’s a good financial decision for you to bring up the roof damage and to either negotiate with the seller for a discounted price on the house or for the seller to replace the roof before you close on the house.

How to Negotiate for a Roof Replacement

Roof on house with worker replacing single

The first step is to get the current owner of the house on board with either a discount on the selling price of the house or with a roof replacement. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they can typically help guide you through the negotiation process. More than likely, the seller will be willing to negotiate because they do want to sell the house and any buyer will want the roof either replaced or compensated for in the asking price of the house.

Roof Replacement vs. Closing Costs Discount

It’s easiest for you if the seller agrees to replace the roof before you move in. That way, you have a new roof, but don’t have to worry about waiting to move in or dealing with the contractors. The seller usually would prefer to instead drop the asking price of the house instead of paying out of pocket for a new roof. There may be a middle ground that suits both seller and buyer and doesn’t put the entire burden of handling the roof replacement on either party.

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