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7 Signs to Look For

When to Replace Your Roof

Is your roof showing signs of aging? Get started with a free estimate for roof replacement or repair services.

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Look at age first

How Old Is Your Roof?

Consider the age and type of roof currently on your home. You may need to refer to your records to make sure you have an accurate number. A roof at the end of its lifespan will need to be replaced to ensure the safety of your home. Depending on the material your roof is, you can expect it to have a lifespan of roughly:

  • Metal Roofing: 70 years
  • Shingle Roofing: 15 to 30 years
Brick and tan house with shingle roof
Blue house with shingle roof

Consider Existing Wear

How Much Damage is Too Much?

Some damage can be repaired. Extensive or severe damage, however, will require a full replacement. Your roofing ocntractor will conduct an inspection to determine the severity of the damage. This will deteremine if you need a repair or replacement.

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Easy to Spot Damage

Signs to Reroof Your Home



Bald Spots

Bald Spots





Look at These Spots

Checking For Hail Damage

Car Dents

Car Dents

Mailbox Damage

Mailbox Damage

Broken gutters

Broken Gutters


Neighbors Had Damage

Still concerned?

Get Peace of Mind With a Roof Inspection

Your roof may be hiding less obvious signs of wear and tear. A hail storm or other damage sustained by your roof can lead to structural damage. If your roof doesn’t show any obvious signs of damage but you’re still concerned, contact us to schedule a roof inspection.

ROof shingles damaged by hail

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