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When to Replace Windows in North Carolina

Save money on energy bills by replacing your windows
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Aug 31, 2021

Windows are an important part of your home. They let in natural light and keep your home ventilated when open. That natural light can make your home feel much larger and far more open than it actually is. Plus, when the weather is nice, you can open your windows and cool your house naturally, saving you money on energy bills.

How Often Do Windows Need to Be Replaced?

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How long your windows can last depends on the type of window you have. In general, windows can last up to 25 years but can last longer if they’re made of fiberglass. Fiberglass windows can last up to 40 years. Having your windows installed professionally can help to increase their life span as well.

Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

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Your Energy Bill Is High

If your energy bill is higher than you think it should be, your windows may be the culprit. Older windows, especially if they are single-paned, may not provide as much insulation as newer windows. This means that a draft could get in. Plus, your heating and cooling systems may have to work harder to keep your house warm or cold, which is what causes your energy bill to rise.

It’s Difficult to Open and Close Your Windows

Your windows should be easy to open and close. If they’re not, then the spring could be too tight or the roller system malfunctioning. Perhaps dust or dirt could have built up around the windows. Whatever the cause, if you can’t easily close your windows, the seal that protects your home from the outside may not be complete, allowing for a draft or possibly even leaks.

There’s Moisture on the Inside of Your Windows

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Moisture should only be on the outside of your windows. If you can see visible moisture either between the panes or can wipe it away yourself on the inside of your windows, then that’s a sign it may be time for new windows.

You Can Hear Wind Whistling Through Your Windows

If you can hear the wind whistling through your windows on windy or stormy days, then there may not be a very good seal around the window. This is a sign that your windows may need to be replaced.

There’s Visible Damage on the Windows

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North Carolina is in the path of many hurricanes. In fact, North Carolina gets the most hurricanes out of any state that isn’t along the Gulf of Mexico. This means that there’s a good chance your windows could get damaged from a hurricane, which has winds that can reach more than 150 mph in the strongest hurricanes. Storms that strong could certainly damage your windows.

Physical damage to your windows should be repaired or your windows replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, your home could suffer further damage from water that leaks in, which can be costly to repair. Plus, without fully functioning windows, your energy bills may be higher.

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