The Best Roofing Company When It’s Time to Replace your Roof

What is the Best Roofing Company When It’s Time to Replace your Roof?

Mar 16, 2019
best roofing companyYou’ve been in your house for decades and you realize it’s time to consider replacing your roof. After all, if you end up with a leaky roof, you’ll have more problems than just choosing your shingle color. So, when it’s time to get a roof replacement, what’s the best roofing company in North Carolina? A BBB-accredited business, Xterior LLC is a family-owned, local business focusing on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we are proud to be an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor. Owens Corning is one of the leading shingle manufacturers. As a Preferred Contractor, we must meet their high standards of installation, in order to offer their generous warranties. When you need a local roofing company, call Xterior at 336-329-3667 or visit our website for a free estimate.

Asphalt Roofing – the Most Common Roof

According to HGTV, asphalt is the most common residential roofing material in the US. Asphalt shingles are popular because they are economical and easy to install. Additionally, asphalt comes in a variety of colors and can last 20-25 years. When we install your new roof, we begin by removing all the old shingles. This allows us to inspect your roof for rot or problem areas. Moreover, when we install a new roof, we employ several key elements to make sure your roof protects your home. These elements are:
  • Seal – We use an ice and water barrier as well as an underlayment to protect your home against moisture.
  • Defend – We begin with starter shingles for extra protection in high winds with additional hip and ridge shingles.
  • Breathe – We install intake vents to reduce ice damming as well as exhaust vents to improve airflow in the attic.
Many roofers do not take these extra steps, therefore, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks. Prices for asphalt shingles range from $70 to $120 a square. Contractors measure roofs in squares and a square is equal to 100 square feet. First, you need to find the square footage of your roof and then determine how many squares. If this is too much math for you, don’t worry, our roofing experts can easily quote you a price for your new roof. Call us at 336-329-3667 for a free estimate.

Metal Roofing – One of the Best Investments for Your Home

Although in the past asphalt roofs were the preferred choice, metal roofing has become more popular. Some of this is due to the wide variety of choices now available. It’s true that the initial cost of a metal roof is higher than asphalt. However, it’s one of the best investments you can make to increase your home’s value. Metal roofing can simulate shakes and other styles of roofing materials. There are many styles, colors, and textures available. Prices range from $300 – $800 per square. According to State Farm Insurance, metal roofs offer many benefits, including:
  • Longevity – Metal roofs can last 40-70 years.
  • Durability – Metal roofs can sustain wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour, will not corrode or crack.
  • Safety – Metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike.
  • Energy efficiency – Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Metal roofs have 25-95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
At Xterior, when we install your metal roof, we:
  • Use high-quality fasteners with a larger screw-head size to prevent tearing of the metal during strong winds. This method also helps prevent leaks.
  • Guard against leaks by using silicone gaskets instead of rubber. Over time, rubber eventually dries out, allowing water to get in.
  • Install high-quality vent boots to reduce the risk of leaks
Is it possible to install metal roofing over asphalt shingles? Although technically possible, Xterior does not recommend this. Actually, water may become trapped between the layers and cause mold and rot. Certainly, you don’t want to incur any potential problems after installing a new, high-quality roof.

The Best Roofing Company in North Carolina

Both types of roofs have their pro and cons, which you can discuss with one of our roofing experts. Xterior is fully-insured to protect you during the installation. Together with our workmanship guarantee, material, and labor warranties, we are one of the best roofing contractors in North Carolina. Your home is your biggest investment, so you need to work with the best roofing company available. Of course, we understand the expense of a new roof. That’s why we make it our business to make it affordable. Notably, we offer financing options with low monthly payments, no-money-down and 0% financing available. Furthermore, we offer discounts to military, seniors, teachers, and first responders. What are you waiting for? When it is time for a roof replacement, call Xterior at 336-329-3667.