Vinyl Siding Installers Near Me With Experience And Quality Products

Vinyl Siding Installers Near Me With A Quality Installation

Aug 26, 2020
vinyl siding installers near me When you own a home, there is a seemingly endless number of chores to keep your house looking nice. Neglecting these tasks will result in your home losing curb appeal and value. Thus, many homeowners look for products that eliminate some of these jobs. Less time spent on home upkeep means more time with your family. Vinyl siding is an exterior option for your home that is virtually maintenance-free. However, vinyl requires proper installation for protection and beauty. If you’re looking for vinyl siding installers near me providing a superior installation, choose Xterior LLC.

Vinyl Siding Has Many Benefits

Vinyl siding ranks high among all the choices of cladding for your home’s exterior. One reason why is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. Easy cleaning instructions are provided by manufacturers. It’s a much easier process than the wood and cement fiber which require painting every few years. Stucco can develop cracks, chips, and holes that need fixing. Even brick mortar is susceptible to crumbling that requires repair. Additionally, vinyl can withstand the harsh elements of nature. Manufacturers design vinyl products to withstand powerful winds. It’s also heat-, cold- and moisture-resistant. Plus, you won’t have to worry about termite or other insect damage. Moreover, it’s remarkably strong and impact-resistant. Extremely durable, you can usually expect your vinyl siding to last several decades. Furthermore, vinyl is the only cladding referencing ASTM standards for color retention. Today’s protective technology keeps siding color vibrant without fading. Manufacturers produced over 400 certified colors with proven color performance. When you choose Xterior, we give you a manufacturers’ limited lifetime transferable warranty with ColorHold® lifetime fade protection. This warranty protects you against your siding fading in excess of industry standards. Finally, installing vinyl siding on your home is a great investment. When comparing home improvement projects, it has one of the highest rates of return on your investment, 77.6%. It’s one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, value and protection of your home.

But Is Vinyl Versatile?

Houses come in many shapes, sizes, and architectural design. Whether Craftsman, Cape Cod, Queen Anne, or Victorian, houses across America are distinct and unique. When it comes to finding exterior protection that also accentuates the distinction of your design, the versatility of vinyl shines through. There are many siding options. Vinyl products are available in over 400 colors in addition to different profiles and textures. Popular profiles include clapboard, traditional and Dutch lap, cedar shake, and board & batten. Typically, certain architectural styles lend themselves to certain styles and colors of siding. Certain geometric decorative or historic elements set homes apart from one another. Vinyl products can reproduce almost all the traditional siding profiles to match the architectural style. Manufacturers make vinyl products to mimic real wood. Thus, many profiles have a wood grain texture. In addition, some styles are smooth with no texture at all. Whatever the style of home you have, there’s a vinyl product to enhance the beauty and charm of your home. Additionally, many manufacturers produce trim in vinyl for a truly maintenance-free exterior. Trim adds that finishing touch to windows, corners, doors, and other architectural features. Casings, sills, brackets, pediments, crowns, and millwork can all accentuate and set your home apart. Moreover, the wide range of trim widths, profiles, and styles provides endless opportunities to complement and transform your exterior.

Is It Environmentally-Friendly?

Manufacturers create vinyl siding from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Made from a combination of chlorine, carbon, and a petroleum product, PVC has gotten a bad rap from environmentalists. However, when choosing eco-friendly siding, durability, recyclability, and long-term maintenance of the product need consideration. If you stack vinyl products up against the competition, vinyl siding actually has a low environmental impact. Compared to brick, vinyl has 85% less influence on global warming. When compared against fiber cement, vinyl has a 79% less effect on the environment. Even cedar has a greater impact in terms of ozone depletion, and smog. Moreover, manufacturers can use 99% of the scrap because PVC is a thermoplastic. Thus, companies can re-melt it into a variety of new products even after the useful life of the original item. Plus, vinyl requires minimal raw material with very little waste. Furthermore, the manufacturing process uses less water and energy than both fiber cement and brick. Additionally, it’s lightweight and uses less fuel for transportation.

Can I Install Vinyl Siding Over My Old Siding?

One of the downsides of wood siding is that it usually needs frequent painting. Even fiber cement siding needs painting every 10 years or so. Neglecting to do so can result in rotting or warping of your siding. Additionally, wood is susceptible to insect and woodpecker damage. Failure to fix any deterioration can lead to further problems such as a weakening of your home’s structure. Installing vinyl over wood is a common practice provided the siding is in good shape. If there is any rotted or warped wood, contractors must remove and repair the damage first. Additionally, contractors can install vinyl over brick and stucco depending on the condition of the exterior. However, vinyl is flexible and needs a flat surface. Your siding will only be as straight and stable as what lies underneath it. Therefore, your contractor may need to install a foam board first to level the surface. Many types of foam boards are insulating, making your home more energy-efficient.

Which Type of Siding Has the Best Insulating Value?

Unfortunately, all types of exterior cladding have R-values of less than 1. When considering the effectiveness of insulation, R-value is the standard measurement. The higher the R-value, the more resistance the product is to heat flow and the better it is at insulating. However, installing insulated vinyl siding increases your R-value providing measurable improvements in thermal performance. Some experts claim a 20% savings on your annual heating bills. When we come to your home to provide a free estimate, we will show you the options in the various grades of siding and explain the benefits of each. Replacing your exterior siding gives you the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The Importance of a Quality Installation

The primary purpose of siding is to protect the structural walls beneath it from the external elements. Yet, we also want our home to look beautiful. While vinyl siding provides both, proper installation is necessary to enjoy all the benefits. Incorrect installation is the primary cause of most vinyl siding issues. Thus, you must hire a qualified siding contractor to do the job. We can’t emphasize enough how critical the siding installation is to ensure that your siding will protect your home’s exterior for decades to come and look beautiful throughout the years.

But What Will New Siding Cost?

Figuring out the cost of siding for your home is complicated. Several variables will affect the price. Size, design, materials, and extras are just some of the factors influencing your cost. The contractor needs the total square footage of your exterior to begin computing your price. Both labor and materials rely on this measurement. Often you can find the price per square foot for vinyl siding online. However, the design of your home will greatly affect your cost. A home with lots of corners, turrets, or dormers, will require more labor. Additionally, a two-story home is more expensive to side than a single story. Is there any existing damage to your current siding that the contractor needs to repair? After removing your old siding, you may also need to repair the underneath sheathing. Without removing your old siding first, your contractor has no way of knowing the extent of your damage. Then there’s the cost of the siding material. Vinyl is available in different thicknesses, profiles, and textures. You can purchase siding ranging from .038 mm to .055 mm in thickness. The thicker is the more expensive premium-grade siding. Additionally, insulated vinyl siding costs more than non-insulated. Each profile has a different price structure too. Generally, clapboard and lap are at the lower end of the spectrum. While shingle and shake are at the higher end. Also, textured siding has a higher price tag than smooth siding. Trying to determine the cost of your new siding can be complicated. Instead, call the vinyl siding installer near me who gives free estimates, Xterior. We’ll take a look at your home and take measurements. Then we’ll take the time to explain the process and help you determine your best option.

Vinyl Siding Installers Near Me Providing Superior Products and Installation

Choosing new exterior siding can be exciting. You can change the entire appearance and improve the curb appeal of your home with beautiful new vinyl siding. However, choosing an experienced contractor is critical for correct installation. When searching for vinyl siding installers near me with experience, choose Xterior. Xterior has over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry and we’re BBB-accredited. We can help you with roofing, decking, gutters, and replacement windows in addition to vinyl siding. Using only quality products from top manufacturers, you’ll get a superb product with a superior installation. Moreover, we have financing options to help you pay for your new siding. No need to wait – you can have the siding you need, when you need it. We offer 0% down, low monthly payments, or 0% interest rate to qualified homeowners. With fast credit approvals for our qualified buyers and flexible payment terms, we can start on your new siding quickly. Plus, we give discounts to military, teachers, first responders, and seniors. Start your project now! Give us a call at 336-329-3667 to schedule an appointment for your free estimate. Transform your exterior from average to spectacular with affordable, durable, and beautiful vinyl siding.

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