Vinyl Siding Colors – What’s the Best Color for Your Home's Resale Value?

What Color Siding Is Best for Home Value?

Mar 1, 2022

Without a doubt, vinyl siding is the most popular home exterior choice in the US today. Its low cost and easy maintenance are some of the reasons for its popularity. Perfect for any architectural style, there’s an abundance of vinyl siding colors and texture choices. With more than 40 colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect color to enhance your home. And we can match your style from traditional lap to wood grain, cedar shake, board & batten as well as several others.

Naturally, as a homeowner, you’ll be concerned with how changes to your home may affect home value. While new siding, in general, will help to avoid driving down the value of your home. You should also be aware that the color you choose to go with will also affect home value. If you don’t plan to sell your home in the next decade, going with a mustard yellow or bright pink isn’t a problem. However, if you want a bold look but plan to place your home on the market soon, you’ll need to heavily consider more neutral options.

The Best Siding Colors for Home Value

Greige house siding

Siding colors aren’t not directly linked to home value but are indirectly linked to it through curb appeal. A home with good curb appeal is going to go for more and be more attractive to buyers. While you can’t necessarily pin a direct value on picking beige over gray, improving curb appeal will result in a home that is more valuable when placed on the market. The best siding colors when considering home value and curb appeal include light browns, neutrals, grays, and blues.

The Worst Siding Colors for Home Value

Red siding on house

You’ll want to stay away from any colors that are too bright or too bold. This includes mustard yellows, pinks, bright blues, purples, oranges, or bright reds. You should also avoid black and pastels. Stay away from colors that will make your home stand out for the wrong reasons. You should also consider picking colors that are more appealing to a wide range of potential buyers. Most people can be content with a neutral siding color but few are going to want to keep bright pink paneling on their home.

Additional Considerations When Picking a Siding Color

You’ll want to keep a few other factors in mind when selecting a siding color that goes beyond what colors are trendy or most appealing to the widest group of potential buyers. Keep in mind your home’s architectural style, the requirements of your HOA if applicable, and the look of the neighborhood itself.

Safe Ways to Add Pops of Color

You don’t have to completely kick your unique style to the curb just because you’re going with a neutral siding choice. To add pops of color to an otherwise bland home you can pick a bright color for the front door and shutters. These small changes can add personality to a home which is also attractive to buyers. Plus, changes as small as door and shutter colors can easily be overlooked by potential buyers who don’t align with your personal style decisions as they are easy to change.

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