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Vinyl Siding Burlington NC – Installation with Premium Products

Aug 14, 2019
Vinyl Siding Burlington NCOver the years, writers with words better than ours have poetically equated their homes as their castles. Sanctuaries of sorts, where they enjoy the business and pleasures of life. Sometimes, the way our houses look on the outside doesn’t live up to what they feel like on the inside. To truly solidify the image of a grand castle, we occasionally need a little help. After all, rotting wood or chipping paint detracts a bit from what your home can ultimately be. Fortunately, Xterior LLC has master strokes of genius to make your home picture perfect. Better yet, their vinyl siding Burlington NC installation services protect your home as well.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding Burlington NC

In order to transform your house into the home you imagine, exterior improvements go a long way. Vinyl siding Burlington NC installation is a fantastic place to start. Not only does it enhance the look of your home, but it also adds superior easy-to-maintain protection. In the past, vinyl was a choice with limited design possibilities. Typically, it came in just a few colors and textures. Today, your options are seemingly endless. At Xterior LLC, we partner with ABC Supply Company and Beacon Building Products, both of which are a leading distributors of quality vinyl siding. Their inventory of products offers some of the premium benefits in the industry.

In tandem with our expert installation techniques, just a few of the product advantages include:

  • Wide range of color selections. No longer are you limited to one color scheme. Pick from all sorts of shades to match your castle!
  • Many options in textures and styles. Today, vinyl comes in many textures that can imitate cedar shakes and other types of siding.
  • Low-gloss, natural Cedarwood grain pattern. This natural texture blends seamlessly into your environment.
  • Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty with ColorHold® lifetime fade protection. Rest assured that the color you choose is a color that stays through the years.
  • Reduced time spent on maintenance. Never, will you have to scrape, sand or paint wood siding again.
  • Increased value of your home. Therefore, it’s a wise investment should you ever decide to sell.
  • Professional installation. For every project, we offer custom wrapping of your home’s trim to match your new siding. This results in a beautiful new exterior finish.
So that you fully reap all the benefits of these innovative products now available, choosing the best contractor is crucial. Ultimately, this is why you should hire us for installation and protection! Remember, your roof and siding are the most important components of your home since they protect the entire structure and interior.

Choosing a Qualified Contractor

Involved in the home improvement business for over 45 combined years, we offer perks that not every contractor can. For instance, we offer manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranties. Consequently, you gain years of worry-free ownership of your new vinyl siding. In addition, it’s critical to ask for a current copy of the insurance before any contractor begins work on your home. Without it, your home and future are at risk. We are also a local company accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Some companies come in and then leave an area. That gives customers no recourse if there are problems after they have left town. It’s also important to check the reviews that customers have submitted. Here are ours for your perusal. Naturally, all this info begs the question: What does vinyl siding cost homeowners? Essentially, it depends on the scope of your project. However, we secure premium financing due to our expertise and years of doing business in the same area. Financing options for qualified homeowners include:
  • NO-Money-Down
  • 100% Financing
  • Interest as low as ZERO Percent
  • Monthly investment as low as $58
Additionally, we provide discounts for military families, seniors, teachers and first responders. Today, call us for a free no-obligation quote at 336-329-3667. Beforehand, be sure to check out our gallery of projects. We look forward to making your castle complete!

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