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Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

Getting new windows can help your home's insulation and air quality
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Jan 2, 2023

Getting new windows is quite the investment, but it can completely transform your home. Several warning signs could indicate it’s time to replace your windows.

How Long Should Windows Last?

A worker wearing yellow gloves removes an old window from a house’s interior.

In general, windows should last about 25 years before needing to be replaced. However, fiberglass windows can last up to 40 years. The lifespan of your windows can depend on several factors, including:

  • Your local climate
  • How often you open your windows
  • If the windows have been routinely maintained
  • If the windows have been installed properly
  • The windows’ quality and type of material

How Do You Know It’s Time to Get New Windows?

Even if you’ve had your windows for less than 25 years, it might still be time to replace them. Here are some of the main warning signs that could indicate it’s time to replace your windows.

Your Utility Bills Are High

A man sitting at a table with a laptop looks shocked at a bill he is holding.

If your utility bills are higher than usual – and not because of price hikes – it might be time to replace your windows. If your windows let a lot of air into your home, your HVAC system must work harder to compensate. Hence, keeping the house at its baseline temperature requires more energy. Make sure to take note of your energy bill’s total each month.

It’s Difficult to Open and Close Your Windows

If opening your windows takes Olympic strength, it might be time to replace them. Windows should be easy to open and close. If they’re not, that could indicate there’s something wrong with the frame, or they’ve warped over time.

Condensation on the Inside of Windows

A hand uses a green cloth to wipe condensation off the inside pane and sill of a window.

It’s okay to see moisture on the outside of your windows, but if there’s condensation between the panes or on the inner side of your window, that could indicate they’re not very well-insulated. If moisture can get through the windows like this, they’re likely not shielding your house from the elements very well.

Outside Sound Is Coming Inside

Not all windows are soundproof, but if you can hear lots of outside noise through your windows, you might need new ones. If you hear the wind coming through the windows, they’re probably past due.

Visible Damage on the Windows

A window with brown frames on a brick house with shattered glass.

Another sign of needing to replace your windows is visible damage. Cracked and shattered windows are not only an eyesore but a safety issue. It’s best to repair damage as soon as possible to prevent letting air and moisture into the home. But if you’ve been living with damaged windows for a while, it’s probably time to replace them.

Regular Cold Drafts

Cold drafts are often a sign that your windows aren’t airtight and are letting cold air into your house. You can usually tell where the cold draft is coming from by feeling around the window for leaking air. While insulating your windows with plastic coverings might work in a pinch, you shouldn’t live like that forever. New windows can solve the problem.

Fading Interiors

You might notice that your floor or furnishings in the direct path of your windows are beginning to fade. Fading is another sign you should replace your windows. New windows usually have more layers than old windows and also offer thermal protection that blocks harmful UV rays to prevent fading.

How to Replace Your Windows

A worker in a red shirt replaces a window.

Replacing your windows is a big job, so hiring a contractor you trust is important. You can get quotes from different companies in your area. Additionally, ask your neighbors for recommendations. If you’re in North Carolina, be sure to consider one of Xterior’s many locations.

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