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Siding Greensboro NC – How to Frame Your Masterpiece

Aug 3, 2018
siding Greensboro NCAs you search for siding Greensboro NC that fits your home the best, imagine that you’re framing a picture. Normally, your initial instinct is to choose a frame that blends into and enhances the overall theme. Similarly, you follow the same thought process to choose the perfect siding to surround your home.

How to Artfully Frame Your Home

First, literally walk outside to view your house from the street. While there, study the overall structure and focus on what you love about it. Next, consider styles that will merge into the outline of your framework. We offer Woodsman Select from Norandex which offers the warm, natural look of roughsawn cedar while boasting all the benefits of vinyl.  You will never have to scrape, sand or paint again, saving you time and money on home maintenance. Available in four styles:
  • D4 & D5 Clapboard
  • D4 & D5 Dutchlap
Woodsman Select comes in a beautiful palette of traditional, premium, and designer colors appealing to all tastes and styles. Homeowners can spec these colors with confidence knowing they’re protected with ColorHold Technology from Norandex. With four distinctive profiles and 22 color choices, Woodsman Select has numerous option available so you can create an exterior finish that’s uniquely you. Once you figure out the design that fits best, have fun choosing from multiple color palettes. From beautiful pale to rich, saturated tones, your house will shine in its new frame!

Consider Vinyl for Your Siding Greensboro NC

Why spend more than you need to for a polished, cohesive look? By and large, vinyl is more affordable than other façades. But, in some cases, vinyl siding gets an undeserved bad rap. In the past, one of the top arguments against it was that it appeared plastic-like. With technological advancements through the years, this isn’t the case anymore. In fact, the overall opinion of vinyl siding has shifted dramatically for several reasons. First, the overall form is now perfected, duplicating the look of wood or other textures. Secondly, the energy efficiency has improved. Furthermore, superior strength ensures that many products can withstand hurricane-force winds. Equally important, more seamless options enrich appearance. Of course, you still have the tried and true reasons to choose vinyl: no scraping, painting or fading! For all of these reasons, vinyl siding is the most popular choice over other exterior options in the United States.

Who Should Frame Your Masterpiece

When you’re thinking about framing your home, it’s not just about highlighting the content. You also need to choose the best siding Greensboro NC offers. Hence, Xterior LLC. proudly sells Norandex Building Products. This benefits our customers for several reasons. Notably, their lines are affordable and easy to maintain. Better yet, they are tough, which also saves money in the long run. Moreover, our siding comes with lifetime warranties. And, in some cases, double lifetime warranties! Finally, Xterior LLC. is the number one installer in the Piedmont Triad. Our technicians are experienced, fully licensed and insured. In addition, upon job completion, an owner visits to re-check the final result. We are committed to providing quality work and getting it right the first time! As a local company, we will always be there for any future service you require. So, contact us today and let Xterior LLC. transform your home into the envy of the neighborhood!