Siding Contractors – Pick a Trending Color for Your Home!

Siding Contractors – Who Can Help Me Pick a Trending Color?

Jan 20, 2020
siding contractorsPantone, the company known for its universal standards in color, has announced its 2020 Color of Year: Classic Blue.  For over 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development in many industries. Expect the vinyl siding industry to take note. Certainly, this shade of blue fits the recent trend towards darker, bolder colors when remodeling exteriors. Yet, while darker colors may be trending, you may prefer more tranquil colors. Without a doubt, choosing the color for your exterior can be difficult. Siding will last for decades, so you want to make the right decision. It requires a contractor who’ll listen to your concerns and offer expert advice. Among vinyl siding contractors with skill in this area, Xterior LLC is one of the best. Xterior LLC has over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry and is BBB-accredited. Our professionals can help you choose the perfect siding color for your home. We’ll listen to your needs, evaluate the style of your home, consider location, and help you pick the perfect hue. Then, we’ll provide you with a quality installation for many years of protection. Plus, we’ve got financing options so you can have the home you’ve dreamed of today. Take a look at some of the quality installations we’ve done over the years. Then, give us a call at 336-329-3667 to set up an appointment for a free no-obligation quote.

What’s the Best Color for My House?

Color says much about us; it’s a reflection of the image we want to portray. So, choosing the right exterior color can seem a daunting task. Generally, the architectural construction of your home should be the first guide to your selection. For example, Victorian-style houses look great in greens, vibrant golds, and brilliant blues. Bungalow style houses that dominated the American landscape in the early 1900s look great in grays, greens, and tans. While contemporary styles like split entry or ranch look great in any hue. In addition, consider the setting of your house and the neighborhood. Do you have a coastal home or one set in the woods? A woodland setting may suggest earthy tones like browns and greens while a beach home may suggest vivid blues. While if you live in a development, consider choosing colors that make your house unique without clashing with nearby houses. Finally, open up to the possibility of combining styles and colors which adds character to your home. And don’t forget about your trim or shutters. These can add a pop of color or intricate design to your house.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding Over Other Products?

While it’s true that early vinyl products weren’t very durable, today’s siding is immensely different. Early vinyl products cracked, faded, and looked like plastic. However, today’s vinyl is much more durable, has color protection additives, and convincingly mimics shingle, stone, or brick finishes. It’s no wonder vinyl is a top choice for siding by contractors of new construction homes. Notably, vinyl is economical, durable, versatile, and virtually maintenance-free, making it the most popular siding choice. Contractors use it in more than half of all other exterior remodeling projects and with good reason. First, compared to all the other siding choices, vinyl is the lowest-priced option. Moreover, it’s durable – resisting the weathering effects of heat, cold, and moisture. Plus, manufacturers design vinyl products to withstand strong winds. Next, vinyl exterior products are available in a stunning array of colors and styles to complement any home. Finally, vinyl products require only a soap and water cleaning, following manufacturer’s instructions, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Cost of Vinyl Siding

As with any home improvement projects, there are certain factors that influence the cost of remodeling your exterior. Primarily, your house size and construction of your home will play a big part in cost. Certainly, a larger home will require more material to cover it. But also, a multi-storied house or one with many angles requires more labor. Product choices play another big part in configuring costs. Vinyl products are available in different thicknesses with the thickest most expensive. Plus, styles of siding impact cost. Smooth siding is always cheapest and textured is priced higher. Finally, insulated siding can add to the cost. Insulated siding, however, offers energy savings and is usually worth the extra cost upfront.

Siding Contractors – Choose One You Can Trust

Absolutely, there are a great many siding contractors to choose from.  However, choose the one with great financing, quality products, and superior installation, Xterior.  First, we get our products from two of the largest wholesalers of vinyl siding, ABC Supply Co. Inc. and Beacon Building Products. Then, we provide financing options to meet every budget. Finally, we back our products and installation with manufacturers’ limited lifetime warranties. So, give us a call at 336-329-3667 for a free no-obligation quote. Let us show you how easy it is to transform your home.

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