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Siding Contractors Near Me with Superior Installation and Financing

Feb 24, 2020
siding contractors near meHave you noticed that the exterior of your home is starting to peel or crack? While you might want to put off getting new siding, this can be a big mistake. Old siding may not protect your home as well as it should. This may lead to deterioration of walls, higher energy costs, and issues with your home’s structural integrity. Also, decaying siding looks bad and affects your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Certainly, buying quality siding materials is important. But equally critical is superior installation. When searching for experienced siding contractors near me who North Carolina residents trust, choose Xterior LLC. Xterior has over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry. Moreover, we’re BBB-accredited and locally-owned and operated.  We proudly offer vinyl siding from ABC Supply Co. Inc. and Beacon Building Products, both are among America’s largest distributors of exterior building products. It’s our business relationships combined with our length of time in business that helps us build relationships with lenders. This allows us to offer our clients very affordable financing. Our loans are no-lien, unsecured, and without any prepayment penalty. We also work hard to find financing for qualified homeowners that fits your budget. And, not only do we excel at siding, but we offer roofing, window replacement, decks, and fencing services. Call us at 336-329-3667 for your free quote.

A Brief History of Siding in America

The year was 1957 when Taytec, now Crane Plastics, introduced the first vinyl siding product. At the time, homeowners’ favorite siding product was aluminum siding. Produced to directly challenge aluminum siding, the first vinyl products ultimately couldn’t compete. This early version cracked, faded, buckled, and sagged. And so, homeowners and the construction industry largely ignored vinyl siding products for many years. Undeterred, the vinyl industry worked hard to improve their product. And they’ve succeeded. Over the years, manufacturers re-engineered vinyl for durability, color retention, and curb appeal. Numerous improvements in formulation have made the product more weather- and impact-resistant.  Plus, there are over 400 color choices now available with fade-resistant warranties. Additionally, there are many style choices including those that mimic wood. Today, vinyl siding is durable, long-lasting, and fade-resistant. It’s routinely tested for warpage, shrinkage, impact strength, expansion, and appearance. Uniquely, vinyl products are the only exterior claddings with third-party product certification validated by an independent, accredited quality control agency. Now, vinyl is the most popular siding product in America.

Is Vinyl Better than Other Siding Material?

Primarily, the cost-effectiveness of vinyl has increased its popularity. Clearly, it’s the cheapest of all the siding options. However, its durability is also hard to match. Vinyl won’t rust, rot, or dent. It’s also wind-resistant, manufactured to withstand winds up to 110 mph. In addition, today’s vinyl products have added protection against fading. Moreover, there’s a certification program to assure consumers that products meet or exceed the industry standards for color retention. ASTM, one of the largest organizations for developing standards for products, certifies over 400 siding colors. Certainly, with its huge selection of colors, vinyl siding adds curb appeal. With hundreds of hues from which to choose, you have complete versatility in designing your exterior. Additionally, there are over a dozen different styles to choose from. For example, you can pick wood grain, beaded seam as well as several styles of shake and lap. Combined with matching trim, your house is sure to be eye-catching. Plus, if you choose insulated siding, you can reduce your energy bills. Using insulated siding keeps the heat inside your home, thus lowering your energy bills. Another popular quality of vinyl siding is that it’s virtually maintenance-free. You’ll only need to wash your exterior with a mild soap about once a year; just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, vinyl siding is extremely long-lasting. Manufacturers’ limited warranties range from 25 years to a Lifetime Warranty. What About Fiber Cement Siding? Pioneered in the 1980s, fiber cement siding is a mix of wood pulp, silica sand, water, and cement.  Part of its popularity is its ability to mimic wood very closely. Other benefits include durability and longevity. However, vinyl surpasses fiber cement in cost-effectiveness, insulation value, and ease of maintenance. While vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, fiber cement requires painting or staining every 5-10 years. Additionally, installation costs are higher. Fiber cement boards are heavy, making transporting and handling difficult. Moreover, the material is brittle and can chip or crack easily. Plus, cutting the boards creates toxic dust requiring installers to wear masks. Furthermore, fiber cement can absorb and hold moisture. This can lead to rot and mold problems. Finally, vinyl siding products are the best at insulating your home. Insulated siding keeps your indoor temperature more stable and your energy costs low.

What’s the Cost of Vinyl Siding Installation?

While remodeling the exterior of your home may sound great, the bottom line is always cost. Generally, there are several important factors used to determine your price. The first determining factor is the size of your house. But also, the number of stories, eaves, gables, and odd-shaped openings increases the cost. Additionally, the type of style of vinyl and thickness vary. Although thinner siding is cheaper, thicker siding has many benefits. Thicker vinyl products resist sagging better and have higher wind ratings. Generally, too, smooth siding is the most inexpensive. Siding styles that imitate wood or stone tend to cost more. Sometimes, exterior contractors won’t include detail work such as moldings or trim in their estimates. Be sure to ask your contractor upfront to avoid any surprises. Finally, once the contractor removes your siding, you may find you need repair work. Covering up rot will only make the problem worse and more expensive to fix in the long run.

It Sounds Great, But I Don’t Think I Can Afford It

Indeed, worn, damaged siding makes your home look less than ideal. But also, old siding can also allow moisture to get in.  Woodpeckers and insects love to make holes in wood siding.  Even small holes can allow moisture to enter and get under the siding. Moisture can cause mold with serious health issues. In addition, moisture can compromise the structural integrity of your home leading to more expensive repairs. While siding can be a big budget item, it’s one of the most cost-effective remodeling projects you can undertake. Remodeling Magazine puts replacing your siding in the top tier for recouping your cost. Currently, at 74.6%, you’ll recoup almost three-quarters of your investment at resale. Moreover, with new vinyl siding, your home’s exterior will look virtually brand-new. One of the great benefits of buying your siding from Xterior is our exceptional financing options. Our financing team works hard to find qualified homeowners the best financing terms that are available. You can have beautiful new vinyl siding for a low monthly investment of only $58. Our pre-approval process is quick and easy. Just give us a call at 336 -329-3667 and one of our friendly staff members will help you.

A Quality Installation Is Equally Important as the Materials

In this age of DIYers and YouTube videos, you might think you can install vinyl siding. And by doing it yourself, you may think you’ll save money. But you could actually end up spending more than if you hired a contractor. If you’ve never attempted a project like this before, you’ll probably make mistakes. Mistakes can be costly when they involve home remodeling projects. Furthermore, an experienced exterior contractor will have the right tools for the job. Plus, the contractor will know how to deal with obstructions like faucets or attached decks. Moreover, years of experience help the contractor to spot problems you’d likely miss. Finally, siding contractors near me offer manufacturers’ limited warranties. If you choose to do it yourself, any warranty may be void, if you are not a professional installer. At Xterior, our experts are knowledgeable on all aspects of vinyl siding with years of experience. Our professional installation can include the custom wrapping of your home’s trim to match your new siding. With a stunning new exterior, your home will also have superior protection. View some of our siding projects here. Then give us a call at 336-329-3667 for a free no-obligation estimate.

What’s the Best Color to Choose from Siding Contractors Near Me?

Your choice of color reflects your personality. So, it can be very difficult to pick just the right color for your siding. And with so many choices, picking the perfect hue may seem an impossible task. But truthfully, there are usually several hues that will be ideal for your home. Generally, too, there are some guidelines to help you narrow down your options. First, take a good look at your home. Your new siding should complement your roofing color. Pair the siding color with trim color for a stunning combination. Also, consider the setting. Your siding color should blend with the house’s surroundings. Finally, take a look at your neighborhood. While you want your home to stand out, you don’t want to clash with other houses. Sometimes, the architectural style has a range of colors that is typical for it. For example, if your home is a Cape Cod-style, it’ll look good in light to medium colors. The Vinyl Siding Institute has some common house styles with suggestions. Additionally, the size of your home is another important consideration. A dark color on a large house can make it feel gloomy and overpowering. While a light color on a smaller home will have it fading into the background. Although it’s important to get color swatches to compare, keep mind that swatches are small while your house is big. That dark color that you loved on the sample may be too intense on your house. There are many free online apps to try out different colors before you buy your siding.

Siding Contractors Near Me that have Quality Products, Superior Installation, and Easy Financing

It’s not difficult to find quality siding products to protect your home. Likewise, there are many exterior contractors in North Carolina. However, when searching for vinyl siding contractors near me that have both these features plus financing, you need Xterior. We offer financing optionsto qualified homeowners like 0% down payment, low monthly payments, or 0% interest rate. Plus, we offer discounts to military, teachers, first responders, and seniors. Most importantly, we are fully insured to protect you while we work on your home. Additionally, we offer manufacturers’ limited warranties on materials to give you years of worry-free ownership of your new siding. And most likely, we’re in your neighborhood. With offices in High Point, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Greensboro, we offer services in many areas of North Carolina. So, what are you waiting for? Give siding contractors near me a call today at 336-329-3667 for a free quote. Let us transform your home in an affordable way.

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