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Roofing Jacksonville NC Options and Best Strategies

Jul 12, 2019
roofing Jacksonville NCAs you search for premium roofing Jacksonville NC materials for your home, consider also the best contractor in your area. After all, proper installation of the roof you choose ensures warranty benefits and safeguards overall protection. From start to finish of your project, Xterior LLC focuses on that and more.

Roofing Jacksonville NC Options

Initially, focus on your options at hand and how they best complement your home. Generally, a metal or asphalt shingle roof are the most popular choices. Essentially, your needs and budget determine which is best. Along with this decision, several questions arise. Often, our customers have common queries when it comes to metal roof materials and installation. Among the questions, many ask how one installs a metal roof. Plus, our customers wonder how long they last. The first query is the easiest to answer. Metal roofing comes in sheets. Accordingly, we install them based on roof lines. Consequently, they have less entry points for water, pests and nature in general. In the end, they require less maintenance when a professional contractor properly installs them. Plus, metal materials simply last longer. Secondly, their longevity depends on materials chosen and your location. For instance, steel is not the best selection for coastal areas. Due to sea spray, corrosion is often an issue. However, alternatives abound such as aluminum, copper or zinc. With proper installation, this type of roof can last 45 to 100 years. Fortuitously, this benefit aids with the initial cost. Since a metal roof usually costs more upfront, it is important to remember that you will probably never have to replace it.

The Cost of Asphalt

Speaking of cost, an asphalt roof is less expensive upfront. However, this doesn’t mean quality and design options are lacking. Moreover, we use only top-quality materials by the best brands. Better yet, design options are abundant. Not only can you pick different colors, asphalt shingles come in a variety of shapes. To get a better idea of your vast choices, check out our gallery of completed projects. Ultimately, our partnership with Owens Corning ensures that you receive premium roofing that matches your home and personality the best. Since we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we are able to offer some of the best warranties in the business.

Four Steps to Locate the Best Contractor

Finally, the roofing Jacksonville NC contractor that you choose ensures that you get the most from your new roof. With this in mind, consider several imperative factors.
  1. Choose a collaborative partner. Whether you have a complete vision or need a little guidance, Xterior LLC’s team works with you. In tandem, your vision becomes OUR vision.
  2. Opt for experience. Similarly, you need a company that can also bring your vision to fruition. Not only should they understand your design needs, they must also know how to best implement your project.
  3. Require proper documentation. Likewise, trustworthiness is critical. Diligently, our team works to protect your home by the best means available. For instance, we always provide written proof of insurance, contracts and warranties. If any contractor fails to provide this documentation, it’s probably best to move on. Of course, that’s when you should call us!
  4. Find flexible financing. Rarely does a customer wish to tie up immediate funds for their project. Thus, Xterior LLC offers multiple financing options to qualified homeowners, inclusing no-money-down and 100% financing to interest rates as low as 0%, we work with every budget. Additionally, we are proud to offer discounts to military families, seniors, teachers and first responders.
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