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Roofing Contractors Wilmington NC – Trust Our Pros

Jul 1, 2018
roofing contractors Wilmington NCYou do not have to know anything about houses or construction to understand the importance of a roof. Basically, it is the most important protection for your biggest investment. A roof guards against things like precipitation, harsh sunlight, and strong winds. But, it also plays a key role in maintaining a comfortable climate within a home and cutting energy costs. It could be time to contact roofing contractors Wilmington NC if you notice a spike in your power bills. Often this is a sign that your roof is not doing its job properly.

Other Signs You Need to Get in Touch with Roofing Contractors Wilmington NC

Aside from higher energy bills, there are other red flags that could indicate roof problems, including:
  • Cracked or curling shingles
  • Worn away granules
  • Dark streaks
  • Missing shingles
  • Interior signs of a leak

Why Now Is the Time to Think About Your Roof

Now, with hurricane season ramping up, you definitely need to get your house in order. And, you do not want to wait until a storm is bearing down before addressing your roof. Even if your roof seems fine, if it is 20 years old or older it may need a replacement. This is generally the lifespan of a typical shingled roof.

How Xterior Can Fortify Your Home

We understand that living on the coast has certain challenges, especially when it comes to weather. This is why, when we install an asphalt roof, each architectural shingle gets a minimum of six nails. This will ensure that your roof will withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour. For metal roofs, we always use the strongest fasteners so they will hold up in the toughest conditions.

Contact Xterior For A Free Estimate

You should never leave your roof to chance, just waiting for a major issue to appear. Periodically, everyone should walk around the house and look for signs of roofing problems. Don’t hesitate, when there is a problem contact the experts at Xterior. Remember, roofing issues do not get any better with time! Our roofing contractors Wilmington NC will come out to your home and give you an estimate. You can always count on us to supply you with everything in writing, including the contract and all warranties. And, we always show you our insurance certificate to put your mind at ease. Call us today at 910-240-3729 to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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