Roofing Companies Wilmington NC for Quality Roofs

Roofing Companies Wilmington NC for Metal and Asphalt Roofs

Nov 14, 2019
roofing companies Wilmington NCAs you search for what residential roofing companies Wilmington NC offer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, not every contractor and installation experience are equal. Initially, you may notice that roofing costs vary a bit. Notably, especially in roofing installation projects, prices vary depending on quality and experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a contractor that provides both superior products and professional installation. Second, it’s imperative to think about the weather that affects your home in our beautiful state. If you live near or on the coast, certain roofs are better than others. For instance, hurricane winds, sea spray and other factors should go into your decision-making process. Conversely, if you live inland, you may have more options. Either way, Xterior LLC can help you determine which residential installation fits your needs best.

Narrowing Down the Best Roofing Companies Wilmington NC

To begin with, let’s explore quality and experience. Generally, both factors go hand and hand. For instance, our 45 plus years of combined experience translate to a professional installation. To demonstrate, consider our technique when installing a shingle roof. First, we completely remove your old shingles. Therefore, we can thoroughly inspect your roof for any rot or problem areas. Second, we seal your roof with an ice and water barrier and underlayment to shield your home from moisture infiltration. Third, we defend your roof with starter shingles. Then, we install hip and ridge shingles for a clean and consistent roof line. Fourth, we allow your roof to breathe. Intake vents and exhaust vents reduce heat and moisture build-up and improve air flow. Finally, we use silicone rather than rubber gaskets around all vents. Many roofers use rubber, which dries out over time and allows leaks to occur. Furthermore, since we are one of the premier roofing companies Wilmington NC offers, our lenders trust our work. Thus, they allow us to extend money-saving options to our qualified homeowners. Our financing options include:
  • NO-Money-Down
  • 100% Financing
  • Interest as low as ZERO Percent
Additionally, we proudly offer discounts to military families, seniors, teachers and first responders. Finally, our experience also means that we can acquire quality materials at an affordable price. Our NC-owned partners provide us with bulk material at the best roof costings available. Consequently, we share the savings with our customers.

Types of Roofs and Protection

Next, you may wonder what type of roof is best for your home. Primarily, your main choices are asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Ultimately, this selection depends on the appearance you desire, your long-term goals and budget. If this seems like a lot to consider, don’t worry. The team at Xterior LLC aids with that selection, too! No matter which roof you choose, Xterior LLC helps ensure that it protects your home for a very long time. Essentially, the quality of our work means that we can offer manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranties on our residential and commercial installations. Always check that any contractor working on your property has current insurance coverage. We show you our proof of insurance upfront. Most importantly, we give all of this documentation to you in writing as well as a written contract. Hence, you will have no last-minute surprises. Additionally, we keep the roofing prices low, so that your home will have the protection it needs right now. Don’t allow a leak to damage the structure of your home and create an expensive problem. Moreover, a new roof adds significant value to your home when it comes time to sell. Today, give us a call to find out more: 910-240-3729! Beforehand, feel free to browse our gallery of past projects to help you determine the best roof for your home.  

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