Roofing Companies That Offer Financing for NC Customers

Roofing Companies That Offer Financing for NC Customers

Feb 18, 2020
roofing companies that offer financingIf you don’t know how old your roof is, it may be time to replace it. And if your roof looks old and worn or if you have a leak, it’s definitely time to replace it. But, replacing your roof is a big expense. The national average cost is $7,211. That’s more money than most homeowners have in their savings. Certainly, you’ll need to seek out some type of financing. Can you find a qualified roofing contractor that offers financing? When searching for roofing companies that offer financing, choose Xterior LLC. Xterior has over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry. Plus, we’re BBB-accredited. We take pride in providing affordable roof replacement services in North Carolina. Our financing team works hard to find you the best financing terms for qualified homeowners to fit your budget. Moreover, we have many years of experience in installing both asphalt shingles and metal roofing. And for your peace of mind, we offer extensive warranties.  You can view some of our quality roofing jobs here. Then, give us a call at 336-329-3667 and we’ll set up an appointment for your free no-obligation estimate.

How Can I Figure Out What a New Roof Will Cost Me?

Absolutely, there are free online calculators to help you figure out how much money a new roof will cost. First, you’ll need to know the size of your roof. Next, you’ll need to decide on the material for your roof. For instance, asphalt shingles cost less than metal roofing. However, there are also different types of asphalt shingles and different types of metal panels with varying prices. Furthermore, there are some additional factors you may not have even considered. For example, the slope or pitch of your roof can be a safety issue requiring more equipment.  Additionally, many peaks and valleys in your roof require more labor, driving up the cost. Finally, access to your roof is equally important. If it’s hard to get to your roof because of trees, replacing your roof will take more time and equipment. Perhaps the easiest way to estimate the cost of a new roof is to call Xterior at 336-329-3667. We’ll take the guesswork out of the price of a new roof.  With our free estimate, you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost.

What if I Can’t Afford a New Roof?

Truthfully, you can’t afford to wait to get a new roof. If you have a leak, waiting will allow the leak to get bigger. This can lead to structural damage as well as interior damage. And you may end up with more expensive repairs. Plus, where there is water, there is the chance for mold to grow. Then, too, spores can migrate down into your house making you sick. Moreover, these holes in your roof will let inside air out. Thus, you could end up paying higher energy bills.

Roofing Companies that Offer Financing – What Are The Financing Options to Pay for My New Roof?

Undoubtedly, there are several ways to pay for your new roof. First, if you have a high credit line, you can finance your roof with your credit card. While this may be an easy way to pay for your roof, it may be the most expensive. Credit cards often carry high interest rates. Another way to pay for your roof is to apply for a personal loan through your bank. This option is advantageous because typically the interest rate on personal loans is lower than a credit card. Moreover, this type of loan will give you a fixed monthly payment. Unfortunately, personal loan processing times may take several weeks. Your roof will be deteriorating further while you’re waiting. Often, some homeowners will apply for a home equity loan. These types of loans typically have lower interest rates than credit cards or personal loans.  However, home equity loans place a lien against your home. If you run into difficult times and can’t make payments, the lender can foreclose on your house.

Contractors that Offer Financing Are Often the Best Option

Of course, you can finance your new roof any way you want.  But contractors that offer financing can usually extend special promotions that surpass other lenders’ loan terms. The roofing contractor’s primary goal is to sell you a roof. Therefore, their financing has competitive rates with monthly payments to fit your budget. At Xterior, we’ve built solid relationships with lenders. This allows us to offer very affordable unsecured, no lien, no prepayment penalty financing. Moreover, we’ve got many different financing options. No cash in the bank? We can offer qualified homeowners a loan with no money down and 100% financing. Do you prefer a low monthly payment? For a monthly investment of only $58, we can install a new roof on your home. Remember, our loans are unsecured. So, should you lose your job and fall behind in payments, you won’t lose your home. Additionally, there’s no prepayment penalty on our loans. This means you can make extra monthly payments or pay it off early. Our pre-approval process is quick and easy.  Just give us a call at 336-329-3667 to get pre-approved.

Why Should I Consider a Metal Roof?

People have used metal to protect their home for centuries. This is not surprising given the durability and longevity of metal. Today, manufacturers make roofs from steel, aluminum, and copper. Typically, homeowners use copper only as an accent because of its expense. Generally, steel is the most popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness. However, there are instances when you may want to consider aluminum. If you have a coastal home, aluminum is best due to its resistance to corrosion from salt air. Moreover, metal roofs have many great benefits. They are strong, withstanding hurricane-force winds. Additionally, metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. Environmentally friendly, metal roofing contains 25-95% of recycled content. Moreover, metal roofing is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Finally, metal roofing can last between 40-70 years. Notably, no matter what style of home you have, there are colors and styles of metal panels to match. Metal roofing comes in well over 20 colors that include standard, premium, and custom colors. Plus, there are numerous style options including the look of slate, clay, cedar shake, and even asphalt shingles. Admittedly, it’s true that metal roofing can be more expensive than asphalt shingles. However, metal panels outlast asphalt shingles by a large margin. You’ll replace your asphalt roof several times before you’ll have to replace your metal roof. In addition, metal roofs are energy-efficient. First, metal panels are great at reflecting solar heat in the summer. Additionally, the panels are great at retaining heat in the attic in the winter too. This translates into lower energy costs. Any new roof, but especially a metal roof, will add value to your largest investment – your home. When it comes time to sell, a major feature for any buyer is whether they will soon have to replace the roof. They know that a metal roof has a long life and will protect the home for many years to come.

Benefits of Asphalt Roofing from Roofing Companies that Offer Financing

Samuel and Cyrus Warren were the first to successfully apply the technique that would lead to modern asphalt roofing. In the 1840s, they began to install roofs of heavy paper covered in pine tar sprinkled with sand. Later on, they replaced pine tar with coal tar. Coal tar began a decline when scientists discovered it’s a cancer-causing agent. Moreover, improved petroleum technology provided the industry with a replacement – asphalt. Asphalt shingle roofing is an affordable and reliable roofing solution for any home. Shingles are available in a wide array of rich, gorgeous colors with shades of blue, browns, grays, greens and reds. Styles include the traditional three-tab shingle, scalloped edges, and sawtooth designs. Moreover, textures that mimic weathered shake or natural slate are also available. Additionally, asphalt shingles are a superb value. The most cost-effective option, most homeowners in America choose to protect their homes with asphalt roofing.  Although life expectancy varies depending on location and climate, asphalt shingles are durable and easy to repair. Finally, asphalt shingles are easy to install. At Xterior, we take great care in installing your new roof. Remember, exceptional protection needs quality materials and superior installation. Whether you decide on a metal roof or asphalt roofing, we’ll provide unparalleled protection for your home. Plus, we’re proud to be an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor. That distinction means that we can offer some of the best manufacturer’s limited warranties in the business.

Why Owens Corning?

Owens Corning is a market-leading, innovative company. It’s a result of a joint merger in 1938 between two glass companies, Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass. Separately, both had been working on a new product, glass fibers. The new company received a patent for this product, fiberglass, in 1965. And it’s this product, fiberglass, that led to the modern shingle. Since then, Owens Corning has worked hard to earn and keep your trust. Shingles undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet industry standards and certifications. You can feel confident when choosing any Owens Corning roofing product.  In addition, our shingles will delight you with their beauty.  Plus, we’ve been honored by WomenCertified Inc. with a 2019 Women’s Choice Award based on extraordinary recommendations.

The Color of Your Roof Matters

Some people give very little thought when choosing the color of their new roof. Yet, your roof may account for up to 40% of your home’s exterior. That’s almost half of the outside of your home. So, choosing the right color can really add to your home’s curb appeal. While choosing the wrong color can be a disaster. First, consider the home itself. Selecting a color that contrasts your exterior makes a bold statement. Perhaps you’ll want a color to showcase your shutters. Additionally, the setting of your home can provide visual clues. Do you have a beach home or one set in the woods? Occasionally, you may have rules to follow. Sometimes homeowner’s association, subdivision rules, or covenants may govern what colors you may use. Even if there are no rules to follow, you don’t want to match or clash with your neighbor. Still undecided about the color? Owens Corning has some online tools to help you decide. First, take the color quiz to help you find your hue. After answering a few personality questions, the tool makes recommendations based on your answer. Then head on over to the visualizer tool to see how your new roof will look. Simply upload a picture of your home or select one similar to yours. Pick a roofing color and the tool will show you how your home will look. It’s a simple and easy tool to help you decide on the right roofing color for your home.

Roofing Companies That Offer Financing

Don’t wait another day if you’ve discovered a leak in your roof! When searching for roofing companies that offer financing options, choose Xterior. Our team works hard to find the best payment plans for qualified homeowners. We offer fast and friendly pre-approval for loans with 0% interest rate, low monthly payments, or 0% down payment for those qualified buyers. Plus, we offer discounts to military, seniors, teachers, and first responders. Moreover, we provide a superior installation and offer manufacturers’ limited warranties. And, we’re fully insured to protect you and your home during the entire process. So, give us a call today at 336-329-3667 for your free no-obligation estimate. We make buying a new roof easy and affordable.

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