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Roofing Companies That Finance with Ease in North Carolina

Roofing Companies That FinanceYou’ve had several severe storms pass through your neighborhood recently and you think your roof may have some damage. And while it may be time to replace your roof, your cash is on the low side. Or, you may have credit that is less than perfect. But if you don’t replace your roof, water can seep inside causing even more damage and expensive repairs. Are there quality roofing companies that finance, even if you have a low credit score?

Xterior LLC is one such company that understands your financial difficulties. That’s why we offer financing options so that you can get a new roof with payments you can afford.  If you’re cash-strapped or have a low credit score, we can still find financing with payments to fit your budget.  Notably, over the years, we’ve developed relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, and lenders. Our excellent reputation, coupled with our extensive business experience allows us to offer quality financing. Banks comfortably offer Xterior’s clients affordable unsecured, no lien, no prepayment-penalty financing.

With over 45 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we’re also BBB-accredited. Highly experienced in both metal and asphalt roofs, we are also an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Thus, we must meet their high standards of installation quality. This allows us to offer some of the best warranties in the business. Additionally, we will show you our current insurance coverage. Never have a contractor work on your home without seeing proof of insurance. If you’re looking for one of the best roofing companies in the NC area, choose Xterior.

Things That Cause the Most Damage to Your Roof

With constant, year-round exposure to the elements, your roof takes a lot of punishment. The weather can be especially harsh on your roof. Even moderate gusts of wind have the power to lift up shingles allowing water to seep underneath. If the water then freezes, it can lift the shingles even more, making the way for even greater water damage. Hail, another one of Mother Nature’s elements, can destroy the protective mineral coating on your shingles and leave bare spots. Finally, even the sun’s UV rays cause your shingles to dry out leading to cracking.

During a storm, dead tree limbs can fall on your roof causing damage. Moreover, windblown debris including leaves, pine needles, and sticks can accumulate blocking gutters and preventing water from draining.  Plus, piles of debris will attract bugs inviting birds pecking at your roof as they hunt for their meal. Additionally, other types of animals can use debris to make homes in your roof.

Unfortunately, too, there are substandard roofing companies that do a poor job of installing your roof. A badly-installed roof can lead to numerous problems including structural damage. Chiefly, there are 2 parts to superior roofing: quality materials and a quality installation. At Xterior, we use only the highest quality roofing materials. Also, all of our technicians have many years of experience.

Signs You Need a New Roof from Roofing Companies that Finance

Your roof plays an important part in protecting the interior of your home. So, it’s important to watch for signs of deterioration or damage. After a particularly severe storm, be sure to conduct a visual inspection of your roof. Particularly, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a self-check at least twice a year in addition to a professional inspection. If you have an asphalt roof, examine the shingles for the following:

  • Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles
  • The roof just looks old and worn
  • Dark streaks
  • Moss growing on shingles

Although metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, they will eventually need replacement also. Some signs that indicate it’s time for a new roof:

  • Leaks, tears, gouges, or punctures
  • Rust or discoloration
  • Loose nails
  • Lifted fasteners
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Finish coming off panels
  • Improper flashing (missing, hanging, or damaged)

Of course, you can have a professional examine your roof if you suspect damage. Call Xterior today at 336-329-3667 to examine your roof. If it’s time to replace it, we’ll give you a free no-obligation quote.

Roofing Companies That Finance Even with a Low Credit Score

Since a new roof is a major investment, a new quality roof may seem impossible. When looking for roofing companies that finance in NC, choose Xterior. We have financing options like 0% down, low monthly payments or 0% interest rate. Moreover, we offer discounts to seniors, veterans, teachers and first responders.

So, don’t let cash or credit problems get in the way of your new roof. Call Xterior today at 336-329-3667 for financing pre-approval that’s fast and easy. Additionally, you can schedule an appointment for a free no-obligation estimate. Because when it comes to protecting your home, you’ll want only the best.


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