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Roofing Companies Raleigh NC – 1st Choice-Xterior

Aug 1, 2018
roofing companies Raleigh NCIn the midst of summer storms and cooler weather on the horizon, you want your roof in good shape. A damaged or old roof can allow water leaks. As a result, this can cause greater damage to other parts of your home. In addition, a damaged roof can cost you money in terms of energy efficiency. This happens when heat or cool air escapes through the roof. Since your roof is a vital part of your home, you want experts doing the work. That would be Xterior! When it is roofing companies Raleigh NC residents want, they are the first choice.

Xterior Roofing Options

Metal Roofing has longevity, lasting up to 50 years. It is fire-resistant and withstands high winds. In addition, it is never affected by insects or mold. Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, so it will never end up in a landfill. Furthermore, it comes in many color and texture options. Asphalt Roofing is an excellent choice because it is affordable. Even better, it comes in various shapes and colors that will complement any home style. When installed properly, architectural shingles can withstand high winds, up to 130 mph. Xterior is proud to be an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor. This is one of the leading roofing system manufacturers. They guarantee you are not only hiring qualified, experienced technicians, but also getting quality products. Moreover, these products are made with the latest technology that will give you a long-lasting, cost-efficient roof.

Xterior Believes in Quality Roofing

What makes them the best choice is that they understand that great roofing goes beyond the exposed roofing material. Xterior makes these other key roofing elements a priority. Seal – This involves creating a sealant barrier to keep out water and ice beneath shingles. Also, it prevents moisture penetration under shingles by using high-performance synthetic roof underlayment. Defend – By starting with the right shingles and using advanced installation techniques, Xterior’s technicians create a shield of protection. These extra steps prevent shingles from lifting during a storm. The correct shingles will also give a clean roof line and enhanced aesthetic beauty to your home. Breathe –Intake and exhaust vents will be added. These vents help reduce moisture and heat build-up. Moreover, they will help airflow throughout the attic.

Roofing Companies Raleigh NC – Choose the Best with Xterior

When you choose Xterior, you get 45 years of combined roofing installation experience. The professional installers focus on quality and workmanship. Xterior is proud to offer full insurance during the installation. Moreover, they offer material and labor warranties. Xterior truly believes that the roof is the most vital component of a home. Yet, it can be a costly investment. Therefore, they offer to complete your roofing project with no money down! There are several payment options, including 100% financing. If you are searching for the roofing companies Raleigh NC offers, look no further than Xterior. Their detailed, professional and customer-focused approach is unbeatable. Visit their site or contact them today for a free estimate.

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