Roofing Cary NC – Choose Xterior For A Premium Quality Roof!

Roofing Cary NC – Buy From Xterior And Get A Premium Quality Roof – 100% Financing!

Oct 24, 2018
roofing Cary NCOwning a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. More than just a roof over your head, it’s a place for you to live and entertain family and friends. In addition, you have achieved an important goal and have equity that will increase over time. Although, a home also requires a lot of time and effort for its upkeep. Mowing your yard and cleaning your interior are both necessary ongoing maintenance projects. Plus, there are also many purchases you’ll need to make along the way. Among the improvements you’ll need at some point, your roof is probably the most important one. Your roof takes Mother Nature’s full force. Therefore, it must be strong and durable. For new roofing Cary NC residents, contact our experts at Xterior.

Xterior Is Among the Best Roofing Companies in NC

Since we only sell the best asphalt and metal roofing materials, our roofs are always premium quality. As a proud Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor, we’re one of the leading roofing companies in the area. Additionally, we happily give discounts to all military personnel, senior citizens, teachers, and first responders. Furthermore, we want you to be able to afford your new roof. Hence, we offer 100% financing and no-money-down payment options for both metal and asphalt roofs. Lastly, when you purchase from us, we promise to take no shortcuts. Thus, our professionals will remove your old roof and fully inspect the area for damage before installing your new one. Remember, always require any contractor working on your home to show you their up-to-date insurance coverage. At Xterior, we carry full insurance, which is not the case with many roofers.

To Get New Roofing Cary NC Residents, Choose Asphalt or Metal

When you’re ready to buy a new roof, you have two options: asphalt or metal. While both options have their pros, the more reasonably-priced of the two is asphalt. Available in a wide selection of styles and colors, it is also low-maintenance. In addition, asphalt is durable and withstands winds up to 130 MPH. Finally, asphalt comes with a lifelong transferable manufacturer’s warranty, which includes both material and labor. Henceforth, your new roof will last for many years. More expensive upfront than asphalt, metal is the most durable roof on the market. Like asphalt, metal can withstand severe winds. However, metal roofing exceeds the new building codes as it’s wind and uplift-resistant and has a wind rating of 140 MPH. So, it can take Mother Nature’s full force. Moreover, metal roofs are energy savers and eventually they pay for themselves. A high-quality metal roof from Xterior is likely the only roof you’ll ever need. Interested in learning more? Today, give us a call at 919-589-4343. If you want new roofing Cary NC residents, we’re your roofing professionals.