Roofers Winston Salem NC – Choosing Top Materials and Contractor

Roofers Winston Salem NC – Choosing the Top Materials and Contractor

Apr 12, 2019

If you do an internet search for roofers Winston Salem NC contractors, you’ll get a little over 650,000 results. To say that’s a ton of information to sort through is an understatement. On top of that, you have other factors to consider as well. For instance, what type of roofing materials do you prefer? What’s the best roof for your home? Which roofing is the most affordable? With all those questions, the best tactic to begin with is getting answers. Fortunately, Xterior LLC has years of experience helping with that and more!

Choosing Your Roofing Materials

Initially, let’s sort out some information that most homeowners need to know. Obviously, roofing is the top layer of protection for your home. Therefore, you need to choose materials that make the most sense for your environment. For example, if you live near the coast, you should choose roofing that withstands saltier air and hurricane force winds. Clearly, asphalt does not corrode. If you prefer metal, aluminum and copper are the least corrosive and sufficiently survive sea spray.

Or, if you’re further inland, your options tend to be more abundant. However, it’s also wise to consider a roof that sheds heavy snowfall more easily. Since sections of metal roofs are solid sheets, snow and ice slide off more readily than from shingles. On the other hand, shingles sometimes weather large hail better than certain types of metal. In the end, get advice from your roofing contractor.

Moreover, there are a few myths to debunk. Often, homeowners are wary of metal roofing because they think it attracts lightening. Or, they’re hesitant to install one because they fear rainfall will be clattery and loud. Neither is true. In fact, metal roofs act more as a faraday cage and actually disperse electricity from lightening. Likewise, when properly installed, metal roofs are no noisier than asphalt in rainy weather.

Selecting the Best Design for Your Home

Sometimes, selecting materials boils down to how you want your home to look. Often, homeowners have a general feel for the design they wish to have.

Not only does asphalt come in a variety of styles, you can also choose between different colors and shapes. Combine that with matching hip and ridge shingles for a clean and consistent roof-line. No matter what you choose, a new asphalt roof is an asset to your home. With lower upfront cost and an average life of 2 decades, asphalt may be your most practical choice.

Correlating to asphalt roofs, metal roofs also have a wide variety of styles and colors. Select from the look of slate, clay, cedar shakes, and even asphalt shingles. No matter what you pick, a metal roof is a wise investment. A metal roof has a higher upfront cost. However, it pays for itself in the long run, due to its long life. You may never have to replace a metal roof, since it will last 50+ years.

Whatever your choice, a new roof increases the resale value of your home.

Finding the Top Roofers Winston Salem NC

Finally, let’s examine one of the most important questions: why should you choose us for roof replacements? Our 45 years of combined home improvement experience in North Carolina makes that an easy one to answer. Furthermore, we use only the best materials and employ the most experienced installers. Since we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we can offer some of the best manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranties in the business.

Additionally, protecting our customers and their homes is key. For instance, at Xterior LLC, we supply you with a written contract upfront. That ensures that you will have no surprises at the end of the project. And, we provide all warranties in writing. Moreover, we carry insurance to protect you and our workers. Always ask to see a contractor’s proof of insurance before they begin working on your home. Unfortunately, not all contractors provide that. If they don’t, they are not the best choice for roofers Winston Salem NC to protect your home.

Finally, financing matters. For example, many folks wonder how to pay for the cost of metal roofs or very large asphalt roofs. Plus, pricing is dependent on the size and material of your roof. Ultimately, it helps to get a free estimate to obtain a better idea of what to expect. After all, it’s not often that you get something for free!

Keep in mind, for both metal and asphalt installation, at Xterior we also offer many financing options to qualified homeowners, including:

  • NO-Money-Down
  • 100% Financing
  • Interest as low as ZERO Percent
  • Monthly investment as low as $58

Furthermore, we provide discounts to military families, teachers, first responders and seniors. We want you to have a roof when you need one! Today, contact us for a free estimate. Or, call 336-329-3667 to speak with us about your project.

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