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Roofers Greensboro NC – Finding the Best Contractor

Sep 5, 2018
roofers Greensboro NCWhen looking for the best roof for your home, you have lots of options and decisions to make. Initially, you may think that you should decide on the type of roof you want. And then, choose a company to install it. However, it may behoove you to take a different tactic. Perhaps, you should choose the best roofers Greensboro NC offers. Then, let them help you determine which roof fits your home and location the best.

Select the Best Roofers Greensboro NC

As you search for a roofing contractor, consider critical factors. Most importantly, make sure that their company is insured. Furthermore, contractors should provide you with a current copy of that certificate. Additionally, never give a contractor a down payment without a written contract. Xterior LLC’s contracts are always clear, so there will be no last-minute surprises. Xterior has many other qualities that make them one of the best roofers Greensboro NC offers such as: · Over 45 years of combined experience installing roofing in North Carolina · Fully-insured to protect you and your home during and after the installation · Workmanship guarantee · Material & labor warranties · Experienced installers with a focus on quality · 100% financing options available · No-money-down plans · Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor

Should You Choose Metal or Asphalt?

Which is better—an asphalt or metal roof? The answer to this question is not definitive. Ultimately, it rests on several factors. Therefore, consider a few key elements for a quality roof. First, you need a sealed material. With asphalt shingles, both ice and water barriers and underlayment protect your home from moisture infiltration. For metal roofs, Xterior uses silicone gaskets instead of rubber, which eventually dries out causing leakage. Second, you need defense against weather. For example, asphalt starter shingles along the eave protect against high winds and reduce the risk of peeling back. Conversely, since they are installed as large sheets, metal roofs can withstand up to 140 mph winds. Third, your roof needs to breathe. Intake and exhaust vents aid this process. And, high-quality vent boots reduce the risk of leaking. Finally, cost is often a factor. Asphalt shingles may be initially less expensive. But, metal roofs last longer and generally require less maintenance. In either case, Xterior offers fast and friendly pre-approval for your new roof financing! No need to wait, you can get your new roof started quickly. Today, give us a call at 336-329-3667 and we can discuss your options. Plus, we offer a free in-home estimate!

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