Metal Roofing Experts – Use a Professional for a Quality Roof

Metal Roofing Experts – Use a Professional for a Quality Roof

Nov 3, 2019
Metal Roofing ExpertsOnce upon a time, metal roofs were ugly corrugated sheets. Although able to battle against the elements sent by Mother Nature, most people shunned it because of its appearance.  Over time, metal roofs began using the standing seam installation. Now, here were unforeseen advantages like less risk of damage from moisture. Some people began to accept metal roofing, but still, some people weren’t impressed. So, metal roofs evolved by using new coating technologies to better withstand corrosion. And finally, taking on an appearance with a dazzling display of colors, people began to love the chic modern look. However, the community needed metal roofing experts to supply strong, durable and beautiful metal roofs. From the beginning, people learned while strong materials were important, equally so was a quality installation. They searched for a company that used larger screw-head sizes to prevent tearing of the metal during strong winds. One that would seal the top and bottom of your metal roofing with breathable foam closure strips.  This would prevent moisture, wind, and wildlife/insects from entering the space between the metal panel and the roof. Homeowners in NC found such a company that did all this and more. Xterior LLC would protect their homes from Mother Nature and increase the value at the same time.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Today, people are realizing the many benefits of metal roofing. Long gone are the days when consumers’ choice was only corrugated metal panels. Today, metal roofing gives you more colors, styles, and patterns than any other material. Styles can mimic wooden shakes, architectural shingles, or clay tile in a huge array of stunning colors. But beauty isn’t the only reason consumers are choosing metal roofing in greater frequency. Its longevity is unsurpassed with a life span of 40-70 years. Plus, metal panels won’t spark or ignite into flames during a fire or lightning strike. In addition, metal roofs can withstand extreme weather such as wind, hail and heavy snow. Finally, metal roofs are eco-friendly with 25-95% recycled content and are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life. While the initial cost of metal roofs is higher than other options, you’ll experience savings over the long term. First, because metal reflects solar radiant heat, your cooling costs may be reduced by 10-25%. Also, some insurance companies may even give you a discount on your homeowner’s premium since there’s less risk. Additionally, you’ll be replacing your asphalt shingles several times before you need to replace your metal roof.

What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Namely, a standing seam is composed of metal panels that run vertically down the slope of the roof. Typically, the fastener is hidden in the vertical legs or seams that rise above the panel’s flat area. Having the seams raised minimizes the chance of a leak. Probably the most popular metal roof, it’s also one of the strongest. Usually, seams are the weakest part of any roof. Since a standing seam metal roof has fewer seams than other roofing, it’s more durable. In addition to lowering the risk of leaks, this type of installation makes the roof stronger. Generally made from galvanized or galvalume steel, it’s also available in aluminum.

How do I Calculate the Cost of a Metal Roof?

Surely, the size of your roof is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost. However, the shape may increase the price too. If your roof has many angles, it makes the job more difficult and adds to the cost. Another factor that homeowners need to consider is slope. A steeply-sloped roof is more difficult to work on and requires extra safety precautions. Moreover, the type of metal and style of roofing greatly affects your price. Today, metal roofs are usually galvanized or galvalume steel and aluminum. Although copper is also available, it’s expensive and generally used only as an accent. Likewise, different styles such as shake, tile, and shingle metal panels will influence the pricing as well.

Metal Roofing Experts You Can Trust

If it’s time for a new roof, consider the many benefits metal roofing offers. When searching for metal roofing professionals that residents of NC trust, choose Xterior LLC. We use only quality products. Combine that with our experienced installers and you’ll have a durable, long-lasting metal roof. With financing options for qualified homeowners, like 0% down, low monthly payments of 0% interest rate, we make metal roofs affordable. Plus, we give discounts to veterans, seniors, teachers, and first responders. So, browse our gallery to view some of our installations. Then, give us a call at 336-329-3667 for your free no-obligation quote. We’ll show you how easy and affordable it is to protect your home with a quality metal roof.