Low-Maintenance Siding Jacksonville NC Love from Xterior LLC.

Low-Maintenance Siding Jacksonville NC Residents Love from Xterior LLC

Jan 23, 2019
If you’re looking for the best siding Jacksonville NC option, consider vinyl. Although living near the coast gives you access to beautiful waterways, the salt air can be hard on your home. Not only does vinyl look beautiful, but it is also durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting. At Xterior LLC, we can help you choose the best siding option for your home. We provide high-quality siding installation throughout North Carolina. Here are a few frequently-asked questions about vinyl.

Why Should I Choose Vinyl for My Jacksonville Home?

As noted, vinyl is a durable exterior option, especially for homes near the coast or other waterways. This type of siding works great if you don’t want to worry about water-related issues. Wood siding in coastal areas is susceptible to rot. Brick breaks down over time and shows its age relatively quickly. Your siding has a big job to do, so we work with only the best products. Our USA-made siding from ABC Supply Company is extremely reliable. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing or repairing it as often as wood or brick. Also, you will never have to paint this siding! However, durability is just one of the reasons we love vinyl (and think you’ll love it too). Here are some other reasons to choose vinyl:
  • Our vinyl comes in many colors and styles. So, you can pick the finish that you love most. We even have a low-gloss option with natural-looking cedar wood grain pattern.
  • If you work with us, you get a limited lifetime transferable warranty, which protects against fade.
  • When you sell your home, beautiful vinyl siding can increase the value substantially. If you browse our project gallery, you can see how great vinyl looks.
Learn more about the benefits of vinyl here, as well as reasons why Jacksonville residents love to work with Xterior.

Are There Any Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Siding Jacksonville NC Homeowners Need to Know?

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl is how easy it is to maintain. Often, our customers ask us how to clean vinyl siding. You don’t need to repaint it as you do with wood. It also doesn’t rot or discolor with age. However, we do recommend some simple cleaning, to keep your siding looking great. If it starts to look dirty, you can use a simple solution of water and vinegar to clean your siding. Or, you can also use environmentally-friendly cleaners made for siding. In addition to doing a great job, these options also keep your landscaping healthy. Cleaning your siding is easy with a pressure washer. Alternatively, you can use a brush and garden hose. Because you don’t want water to get behind your siding, always spray straight at the siding. Do not spray at an upward angle. Also, keep in mind that harsh chemicals can damage vinyl siding. Therefore, to keep your vinyl looking great, avoid using undiluted bleach or other products not made for siding. If you want more vinyl cleaning tips, check out Bob Vila’s blog. Remember, no siding is completely maintenance-free! That said, vinyl is much more resilient than wood siding. In our opinion, this is the least labor-intensive siding option when it comes to upkeep.

Is Vinyl Affordable?

Lastly, we often get questions about the affordability of vinyl siding. Actually, this is one of the most affordable home exterior options. Not only do we have payment plans for homeowners, but vinyl is also long-lasting. With vinyl siding Jacksonville NC homeowners, you won’t have to replace or repair your siding for decades. Since it lasts so long, it is a great investment. Of course, you need to have experienced siding contractors install your vinyl siding for it to last. That’s where we come in! At Xterior, we can give you a free siding quote by clicking here. In addition, you can speak to one of our team members about our financing options. Our payment plans start at as little as $58 per month, with options for 0% interest and no down payment. Additionally, we offer discounts to seniors, teachers, military families and first responders.

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