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Apr 7, 2021
jacksonville deck buildersOne of the hottest real estate trends is having a functional backyard. Certainly, one of the easiest ways to improve your yard’s usability is to add a deck. Yet, you can find dozens of deck contractors serving the Jacksonville area. When searching for Jacksonville deck builders with an excellent reputation, choose Xterior LLC.


Why Should I Add A Deck Onto My Home?

Nature draws humans and rejuvenates both mind and spirit. In fact, studies confirm enjoying time outdoors produces positive emotions. By adding a deck to your home, you can enjoy nature more often. Moreover, adding on a deck has several other great benefits:
  • Adds beauty and visual interest
  • Boosts your home’s value
  • Buyers actively seek homes with decks
  • Increases your living space
Sadly, the backsides of many houses are one straight, unbroken line. By adding a deck, you create angles or curves while defining shape and space. Additionally, you can vary the color and finish shaping a visually stunning outdoor area. Plus, you’ll add value to your home. Since many buyers actively seek out homes with decks, your home commands a higher price. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a high return on your investment. Remodeling Magazine estimates an average of 77%. Furthermore, having a deck will extend your living space. A deck makes a great dining area, living room, or playroom.

How To Choose From Among All The Jacksonville Deck Builders

Here in North Carolina, you’ll find many contractors to build your deck. Yet, finding the right one for your project doesn’t have to be a hard task. First, verify the contractor has the experience and insurance. A failure to produce valid evidence of insurance is a red flag. At Xterior, we have over 45 years of combined experience in home improvement projects. Plus, we’ll be happy to show you a copy of our insurance during our initial consultation. Secondly, check online reviews and ask for local references that you can call. You can read our online reviews here and we’re happy to give you names of previous customers. Talking to former clients allows you to see how our previous projects progressed. If possible, we encourage you to arrange an appointment with some of our clients to view our work firsthand. Lastly, you should feel comfortable with the contractor. Above all, you want a contractor to listen to your needs while lending their expert opinion. With so many Jacksonville deck builders to choose from, select the one that treats you with respect, Xterior. We understand the desire to make your deck unique. Our team will focus on providing a decking solution to fit your individual needs. Moreover, we want you to be able to afford the deck of your dreams. Thus, we offer a broad range of financing options for qualified homeowners. Currently, we’re offering 0% interest for 48 months with approved credit. Plus, we offer discounts for military, seniors, teachers, and first responders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decks

Usually, many homeowners ask us the same questions. So, we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions.

How Much Will My Deck Cost?

Deck prices vary according to the size, design, material, and extras. However, before you determine the size and design, you need to consider your use. For example, will you be using the space as a dining area or living room? Moreover, as you consider your usage, measure the size of the furniture for your deck. You’ll want to construct a deck big enough to move around comfortably. In addition, fancy design elements, like curves, or multi-levels increase the cost. Likewise, adding accessories like lighting or built-in storage will be more expensive than a simple rectangular-shaped deck. Lastly, your cost is heavily dependent upon your choice of material. You can build your deck from pressure-treated wood, hardwoods, or composite decking. Rather than guess at the price of a new deck, set up an appointment with one of our deck designers. We give free no-obligation estimates for all of our projects.

Which Deck Material Is Maintenance Free?

One of the reasons you install a deck is to enjoy more time outdoors. Sometimes, maintenance tasks associated with decks can eat up your free time. Pressure-treated pine decks require sanding and staining every few years to keep the wood from deteriorating. Even hardwoods like IPE or Cumaru need periodic sealing to retain their color. On the other hand, composite decks require much less maintenance. Certainly, you must routinely sweep the surface to remove debris. After that, you only need to periodically rinse pollen and dirt off your deck.

How Long Will It Take To Build My Deck?

The answer to this question varies with the size, design, and scope of your project. Of course, Mother Nature also has some say in the time frame. When we present you with your quote, we’ll give you an estimated time frame for completion. Additionally, as we work, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Before beginning construction on a new deck, North Carolina requires homeowners to obtain a building permit. Sometimes, you may even need to get approval from your Homeowners Association (HOA) as well. However, when you hire Xterior LLC, we handle this for you. As a local contractor, we’re experienced at handling all the necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Other Home Improvement Projects We Can Do

Besides building beautiful new decks, we can also install both metal and asphalt roofs, vinyl siding, and replacement windows. For every project, you can count on quality materials installed right for years of enjoyment. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Call us today at 910-240-3729 to set up your free no-obligation quote. Expanding your living space to the outdoors will continue to trend in the upcoming years. Building a deck onto your home is one of the best ways to do so.