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How Hail Can Damage a Roof

The larger the hail, the more damage it can cause
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Jun 27, 2022

Your roof is one of the most important parts of a house because it protects your home from all kinds of weather, including the sun, rain, snow, and even hail. Hailstorms can occur any time in the spring, summer, and fall, but predominantly occur between May and September. Hail that’s an inch in diameter or larger can cause a lot of damage to your roof.

How Can Hail Damage a Shingle Roof?

hail damage circled in yellow on a shingle roof

Hail can damage roofing materials in different ways. Shingle roofs may be subject to granule loss, for example, after a hailstorm.

Cracks in the Shingles

If you have a shingle roof, hail of sufficient size can crack your shingles. The impact of the hailstones can compromise the integrity of your roof. Water can get in through these cracks and from there into your house. It’s therefore essential to have your roof inspected following a hailstorm so you know if there’s damage that needs to be repaired.

Shingle Granule Loss

Hail can also cause shingles to lose granules. Shingles experiencing granule loss will appear to have bald spots and you might find the missing granules in your gutters or on the ground below the edge of the roof. Granule loss means that your roof can’t protect your home as well as it used to.

Missing Shingles

Hailstorms may also be accompanied by strong winds. This means that you may also be missing some shingles following the storm.

How Can Hail Damage a Metal Roof?

It can be difficult to spot hail damage on other types of roofing. With a metal roof, however, it can be much more obvious where the hail damage is, making it easier to repair.

Dented Metal Sheets

If you have a metal roof, hailstones can dent the metal. While this may seem like it’s only an aesthetic issue, dented metal can actually have hairline cracks that could allow some water to seep through.

How Else Can Hail Damage Your Roof?

Hail Can Dent Your Gutters

Your gutters play a major role in protecting your home as well. Hail can dent them, which can prevent them from directing water away from your home as they should.

Hail Can Dent Your Roof Vents

The roof vents are how moisture from the attic can escape into the air so mold and mildew don’t grow inside your house. If these get dented by hail, then they may not function properly, which could trap moist air inside your house, risking dampness, mold, and mildew.

Why Is It Important to Repair Hail Damage Quickly?

Hail damage to a roof, whether it’s cracked shingles or dented metal, can cause roof leaks. Even a small amount of moisture getting into your home can end up resulting in water damage, which can be very expensive to repair. It’s best to prevent water damage before it can occur, which means having your roof professionally inspected for damage following a hailstorm.

What Size Hail Can Cause Damage?

a person’s hand holding large hailstones

Smaller-sized hail may not cause much damage. Once hail reaches around an inch in diameter, however, it starts to wreak havoc. The larger the hailstones are, the more damage they can cause because they are heavier and can impact harder on your roof and elsewhere.

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