House Siding Companies Near Me Installing Beautiful, Economical Vinyl

House Siding Companies Near Me Installing Versatile Vinyl

Dec 12, 2020
Cracked, deteriorating siding is more than just an eyesore. Sure, it can affect your home’s curb appeal, but bad siding can also impact your energy costs. Damaged or rotted siding will no longer properly insulate your home, and will create drafts. Left unrepaired, it can cause structural damage to your home. However, vinyl siding can provide both beauty and protection. When searching for house siding companies near me with quality installation, choose Xterior LLC. We’re a family-owned business with over 45 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry. Plus, we’re BBB-accredited. We serve a broad area of North Carolina, from the Piedmont Triad to the Research Triangle and east to the coast. When you need an exterior remodeling job, we offer quality products at an affordable price.

Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Vinyl Siding

One reason many homeowners choose vinyl more often is for its lasting performance at an affordable price. Budget-friendly, it’s the most economical choice among all siding options. But, don’t let that economical price fool you. Vinyl siding is also extremely durable. Manufacturers construct vinyl to resist damage from the sun and rain. Even after years of exposure to the sun, vinyl siding will still retain its vibrant color. Over 400 certified colors meet or exceed ASTM industry standards for color retention. Plus, we offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty with ColorHold® lifetime fade protection. Unlike wood, your vinyl siding doesn’t attract insects or woodpeckers. Additionally, it resists mold and mildew. It’s also impact-resistant and withstands strong winds – check with our team and they can explain the options. And among cladding choices, it’s one of the longest-lasting options. Of course, the lifespan depends on the quality of both the siding and the installation. When a contractor uses high-grade vinyl material combined with professional installation, the siding can last for several decades. Since vinyl is a type of plastic, many consumers wrongly believe it’s not environmentally-friendly. However, throughout its life cycle, vinyl impacts global warming significantly less than both brick and fiber cement siding. Overall, vinyl siding uses less water and energy per square foot than other cladding. Moreover, it is recyclable at the end of its life. Furthermore, during that time, you’ll probably never have to scrape, paint, or caulk your siding. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free. Just clean it with a mild soap and your garden hose according to manufacturer’s instructions.

You Can Also Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

All exterior siding, brick, wood, fiber cement, stucco, and non-insulated vinyl offers a low rate of insulation for your home. By utilizing insulated vinyl siding, you can increase the protection for your home and achieve valuable energy savings. Thus, you should see improvement in your energy performance and comfort.

It’s Hard to Beat the Versatility of Vinyl

The versatility of vinyl siding often surprises many consumers. Available in a diverse palette of colors, styles, and textures, vinyl can make any home shine. No matter what the architectural style of your home, you can find a vinyl product to beautify it. It’s one of the reasons historic restoration remodeling contractors choose vinyl. Vinyl can imitate the original siding, maintaining the home’s exact look. Furthermore, it replicates the natural look of wood so well, it’s hard to distinguish from the real thing. Plus, manufacturers can produce vinyl siding that mimics shingles, shakes, brick, and stone. The most common styles of vinyl are the horizontal profiles, clapboard, beaded seam, traditional, and Dutch lap. However, vertical siding with its board and batten design can add depth and prominence with a modern, powerful effect. Or, you can use a combination of styles and colors for a unique, contemporary look. Then tie your exterior look together with complementary trim. Beautiful trim and molding create harmony and elegance. Moreover, all your trim and accessories are available in vinyl. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about painting any part of your exterior again.

What Does It Cost for New Siding?

Of course, before undertaking any remodeling project, you want to know how much it’s going to cost. Your cost will vary based on the options you choose. Furthermore, the size of your home and the condition of your current siding will affect your price. While many consumers understand that a bigger house will require more material and labor, they often forget about house design. Particular house features will add to the total cost of the job. For example, a 2-story home costs more to side than a single story. A 2-story home will require additional time for the siding contractor to erect scaffolding and safety rigging. Some other house features like many corners, angles, windows, and doors require special attention and more labor. Finally, the vinyl siding contractor will consider the condition of your current siding. If there is damage such as rotting wood, the installer will need to remove your old siding first. Any repairs will be an additional cost. At Xterior, we offer a free estimate to homeowners, so that we can discuss your options and provide you with your cost and your payment options. Our contract will specify your final price, with no last-minute surprises. Certainly, new siding is an expense, but you can recoup most of your investment. In fact, Remodeling Magazine estimates your exterior remodeling job will give you about a 75% return on your investment. Replacing your exterior with beautiful, low maintenance vinyl is one of the best home improvement projects to undertake. At this point, you may be scratching your head. Your return on investment is great but you haven’t any cash for a siding project. However, at Xterior, we offer very affordable unsecured, no lien, no prepayment penalty financing for qualified homeowners. Our payment terms are flexible with different options. Our offers vary, but currently, for qualified homeowners, we’re offering 0% for 48 months on any of our home improvement projects, including siding. Plus, we offer discounts to military families, seniors, teachers, and first responders.

A Few Other New Vinyl Siding Cost Considerations

Vinyl siding is available in both standard and premium colors. Premium colors may involve special ordering from the manufacturer resulting in a slightly higher price. In addition, you can purchase either a standard or premium profile. Some profiles are more complex and time-consuming to install. Also, vinyl siding is available in different thicknesses and you can choose to have insulated siding for energy savings. Rather than guess at what your exterior remodeling project will cost, call the professionals at Xterior. We give free estimates to homeowners for all our projects. Plus, we’ll take the time to help you decide which vinyl product is right for you.

Your Siding Is Only as Good as Its Installation

You can buy top-quality vinyl siding, but your local siding company must install it correctly. Our installers are experienced professionals, educated in the latest techniques. Installing siding incorrectly can cause it to sag or allow moisture to penetrate and damage your home’s structure. Additionally, it will not protect your home properly during inclement weather. When searching for house siding companies near me offering quality products with a superior installation, choose Xterior. We proudly offer products from ABC Supply Co. Inc. and Beacon Building Products. Both are among the largest national distributors of siding. Plus, we offer manufacturer’s limited warranties. Moreover, we are fully insured to protect you during the installation. Quality products combined with our experience give you unbeatable protection and beauty.

We’re Also A Roofing Contractor

While we’re experts in vinyl siding installation, we offer much more. Roof replacement, deck building, and window replacement are some of the other major exterior home improvements we provide. We give free estimates for any project. Furthermore, we back all our work with the same guarantees as our siding. Some roofing companies can install only asphalt shingle roofs. At Xterior, we have experience in both metal and asphalt roofing. Plus, we’re an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor allowing us to offer you one of the strongest manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranties available. We can also build you a customized deck to add to your outdoor living space. Offering both traditional wood or composite decking, our deck designers will work within your budget and needs. The result is a beautiful new outdoor living space for your entire family to enjoy. Plus, we also offer window and gutter replacement. Our double-pane, energy-efficient windows can help you shrink your monthly energy bills. If you notice cold drafts near your windows, you’ll want to consider our replacement windows.

For One of the Amazing House Siding Companies Near Me – Look No Further

Choosing to replace your old siding is a big decision. However, finding a reputable company to do the job is easy, if you live in central or eastern North Carolina. When searching for house siding companies near me, choose Xterior, LLC. We’ve built our business on these core principles:
  • Treat customers with respect
  • Use only the best materials
  • Employ the most experienced installers
  • Stand behind your work
It’s how we’ve grown into one of North Carolina’s trusted sources for affordable, home improvement projects. Customers agree that we meet or exceed their expectations as evidenced by our many positive reviews. It doesn’t make sense to delay replacing your siding when we offer great financing terms. Our team works hard to find affordable monthly payments within your budget. With a broad range of financing options for qualified homeowners, you can start on your project today. Moreover, our pre-approval process is fast and easy. It’s easy to start the process. You can fill out the form on our website. Additionally, you can call us at 336-203-8965 to set up an appointment for your free estimate. We even answer on Saturdays! What are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to remodel your exterior with beautiful, versatile, and protective vinyl siding.

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