Roofer Near Me - Hiring the Best Team for Your Roofing Project

How to Hire the Best Roofer Near Me in North Carolina

Jan 5, 2021
roofer near meAs you search for a roofer near me, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your options. With dozens of roofing contractor options here in North Carolina, how can you make the best choice for your home? Here’s a handy checklist to ensure you choose the best roof replacement company available.


Choose a Roofer Near Me that Explains Your Roof Material Options

When you are hiring a roofing company, the first question you’ll likely be asked is what type of roof you want. Several roofing options are available, but the two most common materials are asphalt and metal. Asphalt roofing is the traditional shingle choice that you see on most homes. It is typically black or dark brown, but does come in other colors as well. When installed properly, an asphalt roof will last 20+ years. It is inexpensive and fast for a professional team to install. On the other hand, many homeowners today are choosing metal roofs. At one time, metal roofs were large slabs of brown sheet metal that looked more appropriate for a commercial property than a home. However, today’s metal roof options come in several colors and styles. You can even find metal that mimics the look of asphalt. A metal roof is more expensive upfront, but can often last 50+ years and rarely needs roof repair. It is a fantastic investment. Here at Xterior, LLC we have experience installing both asphalt and metal roofs. Because it is so durable and cost-effective over time, metal is typically the option we recommend. That said, asphalt is a classic, less expensive roofing material that remains the best choice for some homeowners. There is no one right answer for every home. We’re happy to answer all your questions about both asphalt and metal roofs so you can make the best choice for your home. Whether you choose asphalt or metal, we have a large number of colors and styles available.

Make Sure Your New Roof will be Installed by an Experienced Team

The Xterior team has over 45 years of combined exterior home improvement experience. When you hire a new roofing contractor with little experience, you run the risk of dealing with pricey mistakes. Some homeowners even think they can save money by hiring a handyman with no roof experience or replacing their own roof. This is not a good DIY project! No matter what material you choose, a roof replacement is a large investment. Leave it to the professionals. Because we’ve been around the block a time or two, we know which techniques work best for professional roof installation. We exceed industry standards by using superior fasteners, gaskets, and vent boots. This means you’ll have lower repair costs (or even no repair costs at all!) over the lifespan of the roof. Additionally, we do a free roof inspection as we remove your old roof to look for any issues. If we see storm damage, other signs of moisture, pests, or other problems, we’ll make necessary repairs before installing your new roof. A professional roofer would never install a new roof over an old one. Yet, some inexperienced “roofers” recommend this as a low-cost solution. Our clients have peace of mind that they won’t be dealing with a leaking roof again in a few months. We do the job the right way, even if it takes a little longer. A small area of rotting wood, if covered up, will eventually create a major structural issue that will be expensive to repair.

Ask to See Previous Work

Before you hire a roofer for your project, ask to see their previous work. This can give you a hint at how experienced a team may be. Any professional roofer will have a gallery or portfolio of past jobs for your to peruse. Our own project gallery can be found here. When reviewing previous work, look for roofing projects that are similar to your own roof. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you may not prefer roof colors and styles that other homeowners chose with gusto and love. Most experienced roofers can show you a wide range of work. If you don’t see anything that looks even remotely close to what you want in a roof, ask! Often, roofing contractor teams have hundreds of examples available, but just pick a few to post online.

Only Hire an Insured Roofing Company

We always recommend homeowners ask a lot of questions (more on that in a bit), but the number one question you should ask is this: Are you insured? Any roofer near me that cannot provide insurance documentation should be crossed off your list immediately. Contractor’s insurance protects both you and the owner of the roofing company. Without it, you could be financially responsible in the case of a roofing mistake or medical accident. In both cases, you could face very large bills. Accidents are especially expensive. While working on your property, we hope no one is injured. However, these things happen. If a worker, a member of your family, a guest, or even a neighbor is injured due to your roofing project, you can be financially legally responsible. Insurance covers the accident so you don’t have to worry about being sued for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Again, this is something we hope never happens. We want you to be prepared if it does. In addition, medical bills can hurt you financially if there is property damage due to any mistakes made during the roof installation process. Let’s say you hire a local roofer who is not insured and while removing your old roof, they throw a piece of shingle that catches a gust of wind on its way to the ground and flies right into your neighbor’s car. You could be liable for the damages. Instead, choose an insured company like Xterior, LLC. Remember to ask for insurance documentation and call the insurance company to confirm. If the roofer previously had insurance, they could be showing you an old document, even though their coverage has lapsed. Any reputable roofer will not be offended if you call to check.

Read Reviews Before You Sign a Contract

Reading reviews is another step as you decide which roof installation company to hire. Multiple bad reviews should be a red flag. It is especially concerning if several bad reviews point out the same issues. This can indicate that a company had an issue that they are not working to improve. At the same time, it should be a good sign to you if several customers are noting the same good things about a company. This can tell you that a company really excels at certain types of projects. Always read the reviews before you sign any kind of contract. You can read reviews from our customers here! As you’ll see, we take pride in making homes look beautiful, answering customer questions, and providing top-notch customer service.

Always Sign a Contract

Speaking of contracts, you should always sign one! It is tempting to let your local roofer get started. However, some companies will inflate the price after the job is done. Here at Xterior, we provide a price quote before we start any project. This is the price you’ll pay for your new roof. No last minute surprises. Having a contract protects you in other ways as well. With a contract, your roofing team can’t leave the job unfinished after disappearing with your money, use different products than discussed, or otherwise not fulfill the contract. When your agreement is in writing, no one can contradict you in court. Any professional roofer will be happy to sign a contract.

Ask Lots of Questions

You probably have a lot of questions about your new roof. That’s very common. You should be able to ask any of these questions and receive a straightforward, easy-to-understand answer. We get it: you probably don’t think about your roof very often. Most homeowners don’t think about their roofing needs until there is a leak or other problem. So, you might not understand the options and terms used in the roofing industry. Our job isn’t just to build your roof. It is also to explain everything to you in terms that anyone can understand. We know that you can’t make the most informed roofing decisions if we’re speaking another language. When you work with the Xterior, LLC team, you never have to worry that your question is stupid. No question is too big or small for us!

Find a Roofer with Financing Options Available

A new roof is a big expense. Instead of paying for it upfront out of pocket, it might make sense to finance your roof instead. We’ve built relationships with lenders to provide financing for multiple home improvement projects. We offer many financing options for qualified homeowners, including a no-money-down or 0% interest rate loan. In other words, these loans are the same as paying cash, but you can spread out the cost over several months. In addition to financing, we can also work with your insurance company if you have storm damage or other roof damage covered under your policy. We know how to speak with insurance companies. Often, homeowners get a run-around, with confusing answers that change depending on which person is on the phone with you. Let us get on the line. We can help you get a new roof if you are entitled to one. In some cases, we can even help you qualify for upgrades. Our team can provide financing and help with insurance for other home improvement projects as well. In addition to new roofs, we also can take on other home improvement projects including: We can even bundle multiple projects if you are looking for a complete exterior makeover. A member of our team can walk you through your options and the pricing. Check out website and Facebook page for current promotions!

Remember: If You Think Something is Too Good to be True, It Probably Is

You’ve probably seen deals that seem too good to be true. That’s because they are. Roof replacement isn’t a quick, cheap project for a handyman who wants to be paid under the table. This is a job for a professional team. The number one question we get asked is regarding price. Of course, we are happy to give you a no-obligation quote. There’s a reason we don’t list our price online, though. We also can’t email you a price or give you a fast price over the phone. We have to measure your house, talk to you about various roof material options, and note special roof features such as dormers, low/steep pitch areas, chimneys, and skylights. These can all affect the cost. Any roofer who does not inspect your roof and talk to you about material options first cannot give you an accurate price quote. You deserve a team that will take the time to learn about your specific project first. If you’re ready for your free consultation, click the “free quote” button above to get started. We have teams in North Carolina ready to learn more about your roof project.

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