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Greensboro NC Roofing – Is it Time for a New Roof?

Feb 8, 2019
Greensboro NC roofingAlthough it may look sturdy, it is possible that your roof isn’t in the best shape. But, how do you know it is time to get in touch with a Greensboro NC roofing company? See if any of these signs seem familiar:

It’s in Its Third Decade

While some things get better with age, a roof certainly doesn’t fall under this category. Generally, an asphalt roof will last 20 to 25 years. Any longer than that, and the wear and tear will begin to show. And, if the roof installation took place over existing shingles, its shelf life is closer to 20 years.

You’ve Noticed Issues in the Attic

If you were up in your attic recently (perhaps putting away Christmas decorations) did it seem extra bright? Any light coming through the beams is a bad sign. Another red flag is the appearance of streaks or stains, which indicates a leak.

The Shingles Aren’t Lying Flat (or are Missing)

When shingles do their job properly, they lie flat on the roof. If you see curling or buckling shingles, they aren’t providing the best protection. Cracked shingles or those that have lost granules are also not doing their job. Additionally, if shingles have fallen off, this is a major sign that you need a roof replacement.

There’s a Problem with the Flashing

The component that connects things like vents and chimneys to the roof is the flashing. It should provide a seal that prevents moisture build-up. However, if there are cracks or holes, water can get inside. Many older homes have flashing made of tar or cement, which doesn’t offer the best protection. During the roof replacement, this should get an upgrade to metal. Also, we use silicone gaskets and vent boots to prevent leaks around any roof protrusions. In the past, installers used rubber, which eventually dried out and caused leaks. Remember, even a minor leak can cause major structural damage to your home. An investment in a new roof is much less expensive than replacing walls or beams. Also, a leak that causes moisture to accumulate inside walls can result in mold. That becomes a major health and financial problem.

You’ve Spotted Some Sagging

Sometimes it is quite obvious when you need to call Greensboro NC roofing contractors. If areas of your roof seem to be sagging or drooping, you need to take action quickly. This is probably a sign of rotting boards.

Things are Growing

While you may have a green roof, there should not be any actual greenery growing on it! If you see moss or mold in places, this is probably due to moisture trapped underneath. The problem could be more extensive than it seems, so an inspection is important.

Xterior Offers the Best Roofing Material Options

After inspecting your roof, you determine that a roof replacement is in order, it’s time to call in the Greensboro NC roofing experts. Xterior has over 45 years of combined experience working with homeowners in Guilford County and eastern North Carolina. Before hiring any roofing contractor, be sure to ask for proof of insurance. We provide that information to every customer, along with a written contract. Therefore, before the work begins you will know the final cost of your roof and there will be no last-minute surprises. We only use exceptional roofing materials from the top brands, including Owens Corning, the leading maker of asphalt shingles. Since Xterior is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we are able to offer their Lifetime Labor and Materials Warranty. Asphalt is an excellent material to use for your roof, as it provides exceptional protection against the elements. Its average life is 20+ years. Plus, it is an affordable option, which makes it a popular choice. We also offer metal roofing to our customers. A roof made of metal has many benefits in safeguarding a home. Metal roofs are resistant to mold, insects, and fire. Additionally, they are energy-efficient and save on utility bills by reflecting the sun and keeping the home cooler in summer. To ensure the metal roofs we install hold up in strong winds, we always use high-quality fasteners with large screw-heads. Many homeowners now choose metal for their roofs because they can last for 50 years or longer. Moreover, they increase the resale value of your home.

Greensboro NC Roofing Financing

At Xterior, we work with our customers in order to get them the best financing options. We understand how important a roof is and we want you to have a safe home with good protection. This is why we will help you find a payment plan that works within your budget. In addition, we are proud to offer discounts to military families, teachers, seniors and first responders. For a free quote on your roof project, call us at 336-329-3667.

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