Find Roofing Companies That Finance and Get a Great New Roof Now!

Find Roofing Companies That Finance and Get a Great New Roof – No Waiting!

Oct 6, 2018
roofing companies that financeRoofing companies that finance are much more common than they used to be. But, no matter how you pay for your roof, it’s essential that it will keep you and your family safe! Xterior LLC is a fully-licensed and insured North Carolina roofing company. We have great resources to allow nearly any homeowner to afford a beautiful and durable roof. Today, we’ll give you a quick look at what we’re about.

Roofing Companies That Finance Your Dream Roof

We know that maintaining your home is a major key to happy home ownership. Unfortunately, roofing a home is a large and costly job that leaves many homeowners scrambling to afford it. That’s why Xterior LLC provides easy and affordable financing options. Every homeowner deserves a great roof, so we provide real financing with real benefits.
  • $0 down payment for qualified buyers
  • Financing the entire cost of your new roof
  • Interest rates that go as low as zero percent
  • Pay as little as $58 per month
Not only can you get great financing from Xterior LLC, you can get pre-approved today! Just call us at 336-203-7550 and answer some quick questions. We’ll have you pre-approved in no time!

What Sets Xterior Apart?

At Xterior LLC, we strive to provide an experience that our clients will remember as the best roofing job they’ve ever seen.
  • Each roofing job we do is a total tear-down and rebuild. We start from scratch on every job to make sure you’ve got the roof of your dreams.
  • In fact, we’re certified expert installers of Owens Corning and Scotchgard roofing products.
  • Xterior provides all of our contracts in writing, with clear and unambiguous warranties. We strive to give homeowners every tool possible to make a great decision for their homes.
  • Free on-the-spot estimates at your initial consultation, with no obligation.
  • We offer discounts to military, seniors, teachers and first responders.
Check out this video for more information on why Xterior is North Carolina’s choice for quality roofing!

Roofing Options

We offer several different roofing styles. The two most popular, asphalt and metal, are both great options that are both stylish and durable.
  • Asphalt Roofing: The asphalt shingle roof is a classic for a reason. It’s by far the most popular roofing style in America! Asphalt shingles offer the following advantages:
    • Excellent water-repellent qualities
    • Most price-conscious option
    • Variety of attractive styles available
    • Easy to work on and repair if damaged
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is increasingly popular for its extreme durability and ability to lower energy costs.
    • Can last 50 years or more without major repairs
    • Resistant to insects, mold and wind
    • Low maintenance
    • Helps keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to heat-reflective qualities
    • Great choice for areas with extreme weather due to its exceptional resilience
    • Our silicone gaskets keep water out more effectively and for longer than rubber ones
Start now to plan for your new roof! Today, call Xterior for a free quote at 336-203-7550.