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Deck Builders Near Me – How to Find a Good Contractor

deck builders near meYou can picture it, a warm summer evening and a glass of wine in your hands. The sun is going down as you sit and relax on your beautiful deck. And then you open your eyes and face reality, a space in your backyard overgrown with weeds. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can build a deck in that wasted space that can be your sanctuary. However, when looking for deck builders near me that NC residents trust, who do you call?

When you’re ready for a great new deck, Xterior LLC can make it a reality! With over 45 years combined professional experience in the home improvement industry, we are also BBB-accredited. Moreover, decking can be traditional wood or composite – whichever you choose, we can build. Call us at 336-329-3667 for a free estimate and let us show you how easy it is to make your sanctuary a reality.

What Size Deck Should I Get?

According to the Landscaping Network, there are 3 things to think about when considering the size of your deck:

  • How you plan to use the deck
  • The number of people it will accommodate
  • Size of furniture, grill, hot tub, etc. that you want to use in the space

Keep in mind, however, that you want to keep the deck sized in proportion to your house. Build your deck too large and it will dwarf your house. On the other hand, your house will dwarf decking that is too small.  The rule of thumb is to make your deck about the size of the average room in your house.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Deck

Typically, there are several factors involved in figuring the cost of a deck. These factors include the size, materials, any patterns and extra accessories such as railings and stairways. Generally, the larger the deck, the more expensive it is. Furthermore, patterns such as diagonal, herringbone or inlay, require extra cuts in the material, raising the expense. In addition, railings, built-in benches, and multiple levels also increase the cost of the deck.

Finally, you must consider the materials with which you choose to build your deck. There are traditional wood decks which include pressure treated pine. Also in this category are some more expensive hardwoods. Additionally, there is composite, a combination of wood particles and plastic. All of these are good deck materials and have their pros and cons.

Which Decking Material Should I Choose?

Pressure-treated wood decking is popular because it’s economical. It’s also stainable and resists a lot of abuse. However, not all pressure-treated wood is equal and some brands are full of moisture. As these brands dry, they may shrink unevenly and twist, turning your beautiful deck into an eyesore. Therefore, be sure to buy premium pressure-treated wood rather than the cheaper more inexpensive wood.

Other wood choices include the hardwoods: IPE, Tigerwood, Camaru, and Garap. These are strong high-density woods that are resistant to insects, mold, and fungus. Even more importantly, hardwoods will not decay or rot. Nevertheless, hardwood decking is expensive. In addition, you must apply a coat of stain to it periodically, depending on local weather and level of use.

Lastly, there are composite decks. As previously mentioned, composite decking is a combination of wood particles and plastic. It’s more expensive than the hardwoods, but it won’t rot, splinter or twist. Maintenance is very easy and involves simply spraying it off with a hose.

Not sure which deck is right for the space in your yard? Rely on our professional assistance at Xterior LLC. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. One of our technicians will sit down with you and explain options, design, and pricing. Let us show you what a beautiful deck can do for your home. Remember, a deck is one of the major improvements that increases the value of your home.

Deck Builders Near Me NC Residents Trust

So, don’t just sit there and dream about your new deck! Call the professional deck builders near me that NC residents trust, Xterior. With 100% financing, no-money-down payment options, we can make your new deck a reality. Plus, we give discounts to military, teachers, seniors and first responders. Call us at 336-329-3667 and let us show you how to add a stunning new deck to your home.


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