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Choose Vinyl Siding Instead of Painting Your House this Year

You loved your house when you moved in but now, after a few years, the exterior looks worn. In many places, the paint has faded and even cracked. But, the thought of painting the outside of your house leaves you feeling a bit cheated. It’ll look good for a short time and then you’ll need to repaint again. Consider versatile, durable vinyl siding instead of painting the exterior of you house.

Xterior LLC has over 45 years of experience in the home improvement industry including installing quality exterior finishes. Before you paint, call us for a free estimate to install siding on your house. We only use top products and provide a professional installation with unmatched customer service.

Benefits of Exterior Vinyl Siding

There are several types of exterior siding available: wood, metal, fiber cement, and vinyl. Comparatively, vinyl siding has become the most popular choice in the US, according to HGTV. Certainly, this is due to the low cost, versatility and easy maintenance. Together with its longevity of 20-40 years, it’s no wonder most homeowners choose this option.

Constructed out of a PVC plastic resin, vinyl is remarkably strong. It won’t rust, conduct electricity, dent, warp, rot, or chip. Since the material is rain, sun, and wind resistant, it holds up against the elements. Also, it won’t wear down in humidity nor become affected by air pollution. Finally, it can act as a great insulator to protect your home against extreme temperatures. Thus, saving you additional money on energy bills.

Plus, vinyl siding comes in a wide range of color and grain patterns. Vinyl siding can mimic shake, shingle, or even stone. Whatever the architectural style of your house, there is a vinyl siding product to compliment it.

Cost Factors

There are several factors to consider when contemplating the cost of installing exterior finishes. First, there is the size or square footage of your house. Generally, smaller houses tend to cost less than smaller houses. However, how many windows and door openings is another big factor that impacts cost as well. Also, another variable to consider is the shape of windows and other openings. Non-standard shapes potentially increase the overall price.

Furthermore, the material itself varies in cost. For example, there are different thicknesses of siding and each varies in cost. The style of the material also plays a role in the final expense. Plain, smooth siding would cost differently vs. textured materials that mimic wood or stone.

Finally, there are the extra details to make your home look beautiful. You’ll likely choose any number of complimentary pieces like specialty molding around windows and door frames. As well as details such as trim, soffits, and corners will cost you extra. Be sure to discuss this with your contractor before work begins for a comprehensive estimate.

Who to Trust When It’s Time to Install Quality Exterior Materials

At Xterior, we offer quality products sold by our wholesale company, ABC. These are leading manufacturers such as Napco, Foundry, Royal, Variform, as well as several others trusted by contractors. Therefore, we are able to offer you a wide selection of colors with a limited lifetime transferable warranty. Xterior provides professional installation including the custom wrapping of your home’s trim to match your new exterior finish. But don’t take our word for it, read reviews from our many satisfied customers. Additionally, browse our gallery of some of the many homes we’ve worked on.

Not sure if you can afford vinyl siding even if your house needs it? We have no money down, 100% financing, low-interest rate or low monthly payment options. As well as offering discounts to military, teachers, first responders and seniors. Call today at 336-329-3667 to schedule a free in-home, no-obligation estimate.


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