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Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Why you should consider getting new windows
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Feb 6, 2023

Getting new windows can seem daunting. It’s easy to continue putting off replacing windows year after year. But there are many reasons why getting new windows might be the best decision for you right now. Here’s what to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your windows.

How Long Do Windows Last?

A modern house with windows on a slanted wall.

Before deciding if you should replace your windows, it’s important to know how long windows last. Typically, windows can last up to 25 years. However, fiberglass windows can last longer – up to 40 years. Other factors can affect your windows’ lifespan, including:

  • Your climate and environment
  • If windows have been damaged
  • Maintenance of your windows
  • If windows were professionally installed

When Should I Replace My Windows?

A worker replaces windows in a house.

If you’re already noticing your windows failing to perform, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible. Here are a few signs to watch out for that indicate it might be time to get new windows:

  • There’s visible damage on the windows
  • You can hear outside noise and wind through the windows
  • There’s moisture and condensation on the inside of your windows
  • Your windows are difficult to open and close
  • Your energy bill is high

Each Season Has Pros and Cons

Replacing your windows in the spring or fall is a great way to insulate your house before the hotter and colder months. If you replace them in the summer, you risk your house losing insulation and getting hot for a few days. In the winter, your house may get cold for a few days. But winter is typically a less busy season for contractors.

The Benefits of Getting New Windows

Replacing your windows is quite the investment, but you can count on reaping many benefits. Here are the main perks that come along with getting new windows.

Add UV Protection to Your Home

A modern room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking green land and mountains.

Newer windows often offer UV protection. UV protection helps save you and the occupants of your house from sun damage and skin cancer. Additionally, UV protection can prevent your furniture and floors from fading over time, all while still letting lots of sunlight in.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

When you update your windows, you’ll likely increase your home’s insulation. Increased insulation can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling. As a result, you can lower your HVAC usage. Not only will you lower your energy bills, but you’ll also be helping out the environment!

Earn Potential Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

If you update your house with energy-efficient windows, you can reap another benefit: a tax break. Some municipalities and states offer tax credits for energy-efficient home upgrades. Talk with your contractor or research your city’s guidelines for more information.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A new house with a red for sale sign.

Just like replacing a roof, replacing windows is usually the last thing a new homeowner wants to do. If you update your windows now, you can increase your home’s curb appeal, marketability, and resale value when you sell.

Update Your Home’s Style

Updating your windows is also an opportunity to improve your home’s aesthetics. Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Use the replacement as an opportunity to find the perfect windows for your home.

Reduce Maintainance and Repair Needs

A worker repairs large windows in an apartment.

It’s much easier to replace the pane of a newer window than a vintage one. When you upgrade your windows, you make future repairs that much easier. Additionally, newer windows are often easier to maintain than their older counterparts.

A sunny room with large, white, arched windows on three walls.

Soundproof Your House

Like newer windows offer increased insulation, they can also provide greater soundproofing. You can even install special soundproof windows if you live in a noisy area, such as by a highway or in a busy neighborhood.

Increase Your Home’s Safety and Security

Overall, replacing your windows can make your house safer and more secure. Newer windows are easier to open, which is vital in a fire or other emergency. With new technology, new windows are also harder to break or can break in less dangerous ways than older windows.

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